There are many sound and practical reasons.

But, there is much more. Rescued springers seem to create an exceptional bond with their owners. Maybe it's because of their intelligence and love of people. Or maybe it's their adaptability and their desire to please.

This is how some adopters have described this unique relationship:

"They KNOW they've got a second chance and appreciate the love, safety and companionship of a home that truly wants them and appreciates them for being the individuals that they are."
"He has come from being timid, no manners, and neglected to an exuberant, happy, obedient, and very healthy dog. His personality is the definition of playful and sweet."
"I rescued my Springer last year and I think it is how fast she is able to connect with my feelings that make her so great."
"Their reaction is that of a typical Spaniel, loving with all of their heart and soul."
"As Velcro dogs, Springers abound with love, and when they come as a rescue they just seem to show it with exuberance. At this point in my life, I cannot imagine being without at least one Springer."

Rescue a Springer!
You'll have a superb companion and help save a wonderful dog's life.