Vespa – Portland, OR

ESRA Special Needs Springer


ESRA #2016-331 OR
Age: 9 months
Gender: Female
Color: Liver and white

Emergency! ESRA to the rescue!

Sunday, July 10, the ESRA Oregon Coordinator got a phone call from DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland about beautiful nine-month-old Vespa.

Vespa had been hit by a car the previous evening and her family was unable to cover the cost of the required care. Vespa needed surgery quickly. The doctors at DoveLewis found the ESRA website and asked if we would be able to help.

Vespa restingVespa had been pinned under the car causing permanent damage to her left eye requiring it to be removed. In addition, her ear was also damaged and has a piece missing and severe road rash. During the examinations to determine the extent of her injuries, a foreign object was also discovered in her stomach.

Vespa had surgery late Sunday night to remove her damaged eye and to repair her ear. The surgery went well as expected. The endoscopy of her stomach also took place and was successful. There is also concern that her ear may develop a hematoma so this is being watched very carefully. Vespa is still at DoveLewis where the doctors are monitoring her pain level. The vet staff state that she is stable and eating really well. She’s still on a lot of pain medications but they’re working to slowly reduce them.

Vespa seems to be well enough to enjoy some comfort. The tech says she rolls over for a belly rub. Typical Springer!

Let’s all come to the rescue of Vespa and give her reason to roll over for lots more belly rubs. Your support, thoughts and prayers will help Vespa grow up to be the typical Springer gal that she’s already confirming she is!

UPDATE 7/15/16:

Vespa moved from DoveLewis to her foster home on Wednesday morning, July 13. She was great in the car during the transport, then explored the back yard and the house on leash. She also met the resident dog and cats.

By that same evening, she was crawling into her foster mom's lap for tummy rubs, snuggles and hugs. Vespa's ear is quite sore and somewhat weepy due to the gel ointment that is applied daily. This will be rechecked in several days by a regular vet. In about ten days, the stitches will be removed from Vespa's eye.

Vespa's foster mom reports that she is eating well and is playful.

Many thanks to all for the support shown for Vespa. She is so grateful!

Vespa looking at you Vespa look at me

UPDATE 7/31/16:

Vespa is clearly on the road to recovery! We are happy to report that she has had the stitches removed from her eye and her ear has healed nicely. Vespa is a happy, playful pup that hasn't slowed down and doesn't seem to realize she only can see with one eye. In fact, Vespa is so active that her foster Mom reports that it was hard to get a new picture because she is constantly moving. What a gal!

Vespa thanks everyone for their kind wishes and continued support. She’s wagging her tail just thinking about the wonderful adventures ahead!

Vespa look at me



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