Magical Missouri 11

There are many times in rescue where ESRA's help is needed for dogs that have to be rehomed due to circumstances beyond the control of their owners. In this case, eleven Springers came to us due to the inability of the owner to keep up with their maintenance and care. This owner cared enough to ask ESRA to help find homes for her dogs as she was leaving the business of breeding English Springer Spaniels.

These dogs were in very good shape and most have already been spayed or neutered, but all eleven are in need of dental care, shots and warm loving new homes. The dogs, ranging from 3 to 11 years old, will receive good health checkups and required vet care as well as microchips prior to being placed in their new homes.

These dogs have lived in a situation where they are crate trained but are not yet accustomed to being house pets and will need love and attention as well as basic training. However it is clear that they have been loved and love their people.

We are seeking your help with the vet care for these beautiful Springers. We feel costs will range a little more than $10,000 to take care of all of them. Will you help with our work to rehome these beautiful Springers and help them find the wonderful new lives they deserve? Your donations will help the Magical Missouri 11 thrive!

UPDATE 10/5/14: We now have names and ESRA Intake Numbers for each dog so you will be able to watch for them as they are posted in the "Available Dogs" section of the ESRA website. Let's band together to promise each one a happy future!

Contact: Mark Samuel at if you want to hear more about Missouri's Magical 11.


Bridget McCombe In memory of Molly and Katie
Ellen Munson
Renee Ayers In memory of Reno, Amanda, Penny
Christi Cooper In memory of Henry, Natalie and Wyatt
Pamela Lemon In memory of Maggie and Mitzi
Susan Manthey In memory of Candy girl
Bruce and Charlotte Dunklin A gift for Bob and Caryn Pola in memory of all our beautiful Springers we have loved over the years
William and Susan Pryor
Deb Southworth
Linda Prouty In memory of Topper, Sasz, Homer and Bravo
Deborah J Bolino
Lisa Shaw
Aime Weniger Kennedy
Diane Tinsley In memory of Tim Tinsley who loved his Springers
Denise Kuhn In memory of Remi and Ellie
Beth Fink
Tim Lowe PhD In memory of Cj and Morgan
Ronda Volkman In memory of Daisy
Pam Nealer In honor of Sophie and Star
Pam Galliers In memory of Dewey, Tanner, Shelby and Annie
Crystie Mongiat
Laura Haggard In memory of all seven of my Springers that have crossed the bridge
Sandi Scott
Ellie Anschuetz
Samantha Shade
Judith Stephens
Crystie Mongiat
Lisa Falk
Anna Thuren In honor of my husband Jack and our Woody
Pat Ryan In memory of Hannah
Nancy Lomonaco In memory of my Sweet Butty
Shelley Ryan In memory of my sister Lacey
Nita Watson In memory of Max, Dottie, and Pebbles
Lin Fields In memory of Will, Coco and Maggie
JoAnn Hankemeyer In memory of all the Springers who have made my life a joy
Cheryl Wrinkle
Harry and Mary Shobe In memory of Portia, Jack, Wrigley and Kaj
Janet H Garrity
Scott Priddy and Ron Smith In memory of our Morgan
Lynn Butler In memory of my first Springer, Ma Belle Aimee (Bellie)
Paul J. Meisch In memory of Humphrey Beauregard Bogart aka Bogie
Alisson Hoy Sending love from Alisson, Rick, Murphy and Max
Rebecca Mink In memory of Sadie and Sarah
Cary Branthwaite
Monica Armstrong
Amber Fruchey In memory of Zen
Ashley AsherIn memory of Jasper
Stacey, Kenny and Madie Smith In memory of Codie and Max
Dessie Botham
Shari Stanforth In memory of Gabby
Tari Jolin
Aimee Hoppes In memory of Cyrus
Melissa Barr Campbell In memory of Zoe Rose
Elizabeth Bole In honor of the one who got me supporting ESRA — Clayton!
Mary Harris In memory of Chipper and Homer
Jan Gessert
Theresa Wimann
Patrice Bryan In memory of Maggie Sue
Linda Baumann In honor of all the rescued Springers the ESRA has helped!
Lori Miller In memory of Trouble
Debra Sidman
Tammi Stangohr
Sheri Leider Missouri 11, may you always have sunny days ahead
Amy Huber
Mary Jeanne Wilson In memory of Jack and all our fur babies
Elizabeth Healy
Chris Daverse In memory of Derringer and Montana
Susan Manthey
Mary Guttieri
Anita L Howard For all our angels
Carol Wegley For big, bright Springer smiles and wiggle butts
Pat Ryan In memory of Schoep
Stev and Staci Chodrick
Renee Ayers In memory of Penny
Jane Murphy In memory of Huey
Catherine Antos
Cindy Lighter
Diane Nagel
Lynn Butler In memory of Belle and Sophie
Charlene Sparks In honor of my healthy Crazy Girl
Linda Shepherd In memory of Pudder
Melissa McKelvey
Theresa Reyer In memory of Walter the Wonder Dog
Karen Prinkey
Joan Rollins In memory of Nick and Hanz
Stacey, Kenny, and Madie Smith
Barbara Kephart
Debra Sidman
Sarah E. Fritz
Carol M. Rushing In memory of Winston, Clemmie, Rainie, Gunther, Courtney, Scully, and Darin
Kris Svee In memory of Skeeter, Max, Caesar, Rusty and Lucy
Kerri Johnson
Deborah G. Phillips In memory of Lucy and Charlie Brown
Julie Noyes
Torrey K Massey In honor of all of the awesome ESRA volunteers
Camille Golod In memory of Carly
Al Kidd In memory of Angus
Daniela Galarza In memory of Tim Tinsley and my Angel Stitch
Maureen Lejeune In memory of Malcolm, Halley, Sirius and little Spencer
Michelle McCubbin
Nancy Lothringer In honor of God's finest creation, the Springer Spaniel
Mindy Poulton and Bill Adam In memory of our sweet girls, Hunter and Sammye
Lindsay King
Fred and Valerie Klaerner
Karla Holt In memory of Barkley — Thank you for taking in these beautiful dogs and giving them a chance at new Forever Homes!
Shelley Dearmin To honor Mark Samuel who never gave up on getting these dogs to a better life
Beth Fink
Ellie Anschuetz
Robin Wolfgram
Linda Condon In memory of Clyde and Cody Ann Marie, my sweet Springers I miss
Anita L. Howard For long, healthy lives
Eileen Koob
Marsha Flynn
Doreen Backus and Fred Hibben In memory of Chelsea
Susan Koeerner
Karen Agersborg
Beth Killebrew In memory of Sadie
Dave and Barbara Zinkhan Our adopted Springer Savannah came from Missouri 4 years ago and we thank God every day. She is a joy.
Machiele Marks In memory of Ellie Girl
Victoria Polce In memory of my two sweet Springer boys, Arco Diego and Patrick
Justena Berry In memory of my first Springer, Cayman