Hilmar Karlsson  
Spencer Bezozo  
George Sornson For Special Needs Dog Jake 2013-860MN; in memory of Tilly and Katy
Laura Sheldon To any program in the Rocky Mountain region, preferably Colorado.
Shawn Ellis  
Christine Blevins  
Susan Herring In honor of my Emmie (formerly LuLa) my Florida Rescue girl and special needs Springer adopted in May 2017. Also in memory of my Mindy, a Springer, and Bella (a Brittany, but she came to me through ESRA).
Curtis Smerud  
Robert Langsfeld In honor of ESRA - GREAT JOB!
Nathan Robert Hall  
Wallace Gronholm In remembrance of Miss Libby, adopted from ESRA in 2010
Robrt Lasar  
Robert Hamilton  
Kim Harris  
Catherine A. Jones  
Gail Smith  
Art Schlosser  
Michelle Morgan Madison, Annabelle, Cassidy, Grannie, Cindy
Millie Christopher In memory of Kate Adair
Bruce Van Meter  
Christina BurtonBruce Van Meter  
Joel Bergstrom  
Howard Falk  
Mary Smith  
Kevin Pearson  
Charles Roterud  
Lisa Schroer Christmas Gift for Fred and Sue Schroer
William Kissick  
John Lundahl  
Christopher Beard  
Elizabeth Stack  
Ronnie Sue Henderson  
Kim Perme  
Jill Olson In Honor of our Rescued Babies Jack and Beau
Karen Peck  
Susan Benson  
Jane Abbey In honor and celebration of Boo Radley, formerly "Ono".
Melanie Garibay and Donna Graves Donation from Nectar of the Dogs Winery
Tiana Smith  
Allen Olson  
Jeff Gaer In memory of the amazing Springer I adopted from ESRA in 2006
Rebecca Clark In memory of Mattie, beloved Springer of Brenda McGee
Jill Honer  
Carl Rimer  
Diane M. Samdahl  
Christy Camenisch  
Jeanne Ryan  
Susan Mott  
Michael Met For all the Springers in foster care in Texas
Akankshi Arora  
George Wortley In memory of Snickers, Maggie, Jordan and Mickey
Leann Gertsma  
James Newton  
Hannah Smith  
Jean MacGregor In honor of Lynda Burns (CO) and Kim Harris (WA)
Joyce A. (Zippy) Cooper  
Amy Stevens  
Nancy Trimble  
Ann Lee Bressler  
Dana Phipps  
Corky Bradley In honor of Mae (Wood-Ruggles)
Steven Stolder From Lilah for Steve Stolder and Dashiell
Brian Hornsby  
Susie Hoofman  
Richard Superak  
Denise Rosselot  
Steve Rowley In loving memory of Frank Hall
Sandra Crook  
Anthony Ruffalo  
Charles Lundquist  
Glay Wiegand  
Terry Covin  
Susan Anderson  
Steven J. Kopf From Lola and Morgan (ESRA pups)
Eric Mell In celebration of Prince Mell
Renee Holmes  
Gay Sterling  
Timothy Mueller  
Joe Moran In honor of "Buddy" our ESRA dog who turned 8 on December 9, 2017.
Lynne Carter  
Stephen Burkhead In honor of Beth and Holly
Laurie Bowman  
Vicki Pearson  
Minda Joy Sportsman  
Charleen Hughes  
Constance Mahan  
Elizabeth Ann Hibbs  
Diane M. Foos  
Kathleen Erickson-Forder  
Terry Bevington  
Dennis Burkenpas  
Angela Brock  
Tessa Bishop In memory of Alex Bishop
Robin Lazar  
Margaret Jane Richardson In memory of Margaret Jane Richardson
Michelle Methany In memory of Robert W. Lasar
Joyce Garvey  
Diane Nagel In support of Jake 2013-860MN
Kennedy Simpson In honor of Tierney Simpson
Diana Hilton  
Janna Turner In honor of my dad, Don Turner, and Mary Turner
Sharon Appleby In support of Jake 2013-860MN
Chad Meyers  
Brigid Spicola  
Karen Agersborg  
Shelley Dearmin  
Taylor Hughes  
Natalie Kubick  
Jessica Slemons  
Arthur Merz  
Katarina A. Thomas  
Wes Montgomery  
Carol Taylor In honor of Abby and Luna and in memory of Mica, Roz and Sis
Janet Watson  
George Weinert  
Eric Steeg  
William Paul Mason  
Tracy Becker  
Steven "Cuber" Staudt In memory of Dennis Anderson - aka Andyson of WGT
Iris Pinchak In honor of ESRA rescue Montana
Kim Bolster  
Jan Gessert In memory of Luke
Stascia Reisfeild In support of Fenway 2016AZ
Dixie Pape  
Robert Lubanski  
M.L. Woy  
Jennifer Cole  
Dale Faesi  
Michael Ryan  
Mary A. Frankiewicz In loving memory of Carol N. Field (nee Arthur).
Mary Maguire In memory of Christine
Jeremy /Branch  
Adriene Medina Grimes In memory of Dakota and Domino
Christy Heffner  
Kathy and Lee Stagni In memory of Gary
Jennifer Scott  
Karen Cobb  
Linda Wrobel With loving memory of Samantha, Hailey, Abbey and Murphy
Stephen Chodick  
William Kissick  
Judy Barnett In memory of Koda and Nala
William Dickter  
Dawn Ashby In memory of Moe
Anthony & Nancy Weiss In honor of Susan Zuker
Gerry Suaadini In memory of Robert Essenburg
Sarah Fritz  
Becky & Perry Hasselbeck In memory of Cincy and Mortie
Joseph Lowry  
Eileen and Edward Parker  
Robin Nordhoff  
Michael Joehnk In memory of our beloved Humphrey, 2001 - 2015
Mary Pat Martini She In memory of Hershey and Cindy, my two heart dogs and in honor of Rex, Buster, Carrie, Olivia and Max, my former fosters.
Pip Kerslake In memory of Andyson
Lisa Falk In honor of Cody and Sophie - 2 young volunteers
Daniel Cain In memory of Dennis, aka Andyson, of WGT fame
Bruce and Theresa Gocking In celebration of Paul
Andrew Knight  
John M. McCarthy  
Ron Collett In memory of Duke
Jennifer Scoll  
Sue Schroer  
Marie Conyers  
Tom & Jennifer Scott In celebrarion of Otis
Kathleen Keady  
Kathy Jean Williams In memory of Rudy
Edward Noss  
Precision Southeast, Inc In memory of William 'Bill" Anthony
Sheri Leider In memory of Blaze and in honor of Riley, forever grateful for his good health from Special Needs.
Virginia McBride In memory of sweet Trey dog, Forever in our hearts.
Jean Mathews For Fenway.  In honor of Abby.
Kim Trycinski/Blitzen Agility Club of Chicago  
Charlene Uney  
Lawrence McKay In celebration of Sydney
Clarence & Mary Merrill In celebration of Tucker
Claire Ohman In memory of Rudy Patootie
Danette Malerich  
Jack Przelenski In memory of Quil
Katarina Thomas  
Edward Noss  
Charlotte Dunklin  
Kathleen MacNeil & George Sarricas In celebration of Jasper
Dale Roberson & Susan Sorbo  
Sharon Steih  
Steven Kopf  
Nancy Vaughn In celebration of Aiden
Heather Dufault  
Kevin Navin  
Sharon Cramer  
Sarah Pawlicki  
Rebecca Hand-Smith In memory of Bob and Esther Hand
Emily Wurz In memory of Otis Cocke
Leslie Brandt For Tucker - In honor of Leo's birthday.
Terry Brye For Gunner 2017-102AL
Gail Dingee For Gunner 2017-102AL
Terri Lambing In honor of Gunner
Claudel Palmer  
Mary Schreiber In celebration of Briar
Anthony & Diane Foos  
Mark & Liana Anheier  
Derek & Ann Blakeslee  
Richard & Karen Budahn In celebration of Maggie
Darcy & John Huntington In memory of Rick Seeley
Joshual & Kathleen Kappel In celebration of Maddie
Sandra & Michael Waltenbaugh In celebration of Max
Glen & Amy Herrick In memory of Rick Seeley
Tanya Kaplun In honor of Lynda Schulman
Michael Burstein In memory of Julie Hogan
John Indoe In celebration of Kona
Kathie & Graham Milne In honor of Kona's foster family
Kelsey Mitchell In honor of Kona's foster family
Kay Forman  
Charles Koffarnus In honor of Belle
Nancy Slapak In honor of Belle
Gary & Linda Meysman

In celebration of Skeeter

Barbara Laing  
Charlie Cunningham  
Renee Ayers In honor of Tracy Conrad-Brumbaugh
Victor Chen  
Jean Rynda  
Joan Herschberg In memory of Harriett Arnold who adopted two Springers, Pepsi and Dougie
Victoria Mulder In honor of Katarina Thomas
Diane Borden In memory of Rudy, an ESRA rescue
Barbara Smith In honor of foster dog Doodles
Kathy Patterson  
LeeAnn Jerzak In honor of foster dog Otis
Christi Olinger In honor of foster dog Riley
Susan Koerner In honor of foster dog Tucker
Edward Noss  
Nathan Hall In celebration of Elsie
Mrs. Joseph Pelich, Jr. In memory of Ann Dunlap
Leslie Tucker In celebration of Tucker
Susan Manthey  
Angela Mesarchik In honor of foster dog Ruger
Felix Doolittle  
Megan Nelson In honor of foster dog Mandy
Renee & Don Holmes In memory of Max Putnam, beloved Springer boy of Pat & John Putnam, run free with Oreo.
Linda Meeks In memory of Billie Holiday
Cathy Peters In memory of John & Pat Putnam's sweet Max
Ayn Pavek In memory of Beverly Shannon
Jo Young In memory of Larry Grant Crow
Linda Krick In honorof foster dog Duke
Betsey Livemois

In honor of Peggy Outly's retirement

Dub & Leslie Harrison In memory of Lary Archer
Cynthia & Mark Boling In memory of Ann Dunlap
Anthony & Diane Foos In memory of Molly & Maple Foos
Steve Gudvangen  
Lynne & Jim Martin In memory of Moses and in honor of Riley and his foster mom, Christi Olinger, who rescued us and Riley
Terri Kelly  
John & Linda Widner  
John & Lisa Hoekstra  
Edward Noss  
Peggy Stoltz In honor of Gunner
Dorothy Tostengard In memory of Craig Olson
Joan O'Malley In honor of Martha Johnson
Julie Hetherington  
Thomas & Vicky Benson In honor of Murphy Benson
Martha Johnson In memory of Craig Olson
Wendy Van Haerlem  
Eva Scanlan  
Janice & Alfred Nardine In memory of Lary Dean Archer
Patricia Putnam In memory of Father Mike Mangoian and in honor of Renee Holmes
Jacquie Dean In memory of Baxter & Crystal
Suzie Spinks For Gunner
Lonnie Brunini In memory of Mike Mangoian
Brett Baker For "Finn" Baker
Gail Breckle In memory of ESRA-Ohio's Gentle Giant
Cynthia Kocina For Sheba's eye surgery
Bob & Claudette Williams In memory of our dear, sweet Springer Annie
Carolyn Baldwin In memory of Sadie
Julie Seiter For Gunner - in memory of Charlie & Sammy
Andy & Isabel Shetter For Gunner
Christi Cooper For Gunner - in memory of Henry, Natalie & Wyatt
Monica Smith For Toby
Deb & Leslie Harrison In memory of Lary D Archer
Susan Mundell In memory of Brodee & Mandy, Springers Extraordinaire
Brian Lewis In memory of Kirk Garcia
Suzanne Knight  
Wayne Fiskum  
Betsy Livernois In honor of Peggy Outly's retirement.
Jenny Douglas  
Kimberly Kuper  
Boon Yeap  
Christina Burton  
/Brenda Scheer  
Galen Toennis  
Denise Schultz  
Terri Lambing In memory of my beloved Olivia.
Bryan Insurance Agency In memory of Larry Archer
Edward Noss  
Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel Assoc In memory of our club member Betty Rockstad.
Mui Min (Phyliss) Chan  
Kristen & Mathew Roth  
Diane Nagel In support of Fenway 2016AZ
Lee Anne Ayres In memory of Bailey and his unconditional love
Lisa & Jerry Falk In memory of Cocoa Arneson
Skip & Connie Bailey In memory of Larry Dean Archer
Ken & Vicki Smith In celebration of Henry
Kent & Gloria Langley In celebration of Dixie.
Camano Island Coffee Roasters, LLC  
Marcy Bolotin & Lawrence Paull In honor of Andy and in memory of Winston.
Andrea & John Bidwell In memory of Nathan G. Fox
Norman Thomas & April Brackenbush In memory of Lulu
Susan Tarnower In celebration of Knox.
Alan and Joan Davis In memory of Ann Dunlap.
Rosemary Kaiser  
Dan Soukup In support of Jake (2013-860MN)
Linda Haubold In support of Jake (2013-860MN)
Owen & Debbie Wampler In memory of Larry Archer.
Loren Nelson In memory of Monty, Frasier & Spencer
Jeanie Stokes In memory of Larry Archer
Kenneth Martin In memory ofLarry Archer
Suzanne Knight  
Gary Williams In memory of Larry Archer
Billie Vanese Voss In memory of Larry Archer.
Mary Dzubak In memory of Molly Marienau
Dake Filip In memory of all my Springers, past and present.
Jill Pratt In memory of Sophia
Stacey & Kenny Smith  
Bradley Wilkins In honor of Rich & Joanne, our Lab friends.
Nita Watkins  
Patricia Viveros  
Linell Mcgallian  
Rene Pizzo  
William Eardley In memory of Branldy & Suzi
Jan Gessert In honor of all ESRA volunteers.
Beth Fink  
Charlotte Kilpatrick In memory of Lucy and in honor of Pam.
Julie Seiter In memory of Charlie, Muppet & Sam.
Carolyn Baldwin In memory of Sadie.
Lynda Burns  
Barbara D'Anna In memory of Bella
Lisa Pongracic In memory of Tuco and Buddy, beloved Springers of Michael Hill
Steven Thede In honor of Winslow and Paddington Thede
Lisa Cooley In honor of Elcie, my rescue Springer.
Bakdrop Socks  
Suzanne Knight  
Sarah Fritz  
Kathryn Grossi In support of Ruca ESRA# 2016-318AZ, in memory of Rio.
Edward Noss  
Matt & Heather Hess  
Maureen Leonard & Pamela Horine In celebration of Baxter.
Sue & Bob Burke  
Mike & Marge Perkins  
Suzanne Hulsey  
Jane & Charles Hilliard In memory of Ally & Gracie.
Donald & Annette Doer In celebration of Lady Margaret.
Christoper & Maria Crawford  
Winifred M. Gordon Foundation  
Christopher Timmons  
Amrita & Ashish Vatsal In honor of Sabel
Allen Eastlund In memory of Cody and in honor of Danny, Bonnie, Olivia and Emmie.
George Boettcher, Jr In memory of Ripley (2003 - 2016)
Whitney Pierson  
Puget Sound ESS Association 2017 Specialty Donation
Judith Kropp In memory of Ross Welagmot
Michelle Fitzgerald  
Diane M. Foos In memory of Maple and Molly Foos, Springers in Ohio
Karen Garritano In honor of Barkley
Kathy Stagni Heartworm treatment for Saiko and Roscoe
Kappy MacFarland  
Benjamin Joerg Heartworm treatment for Saiko and Roscoe
Greg Berman In Honor of: Sampson Berman and the Colorado Chapter of ESRA
Transamerica Employees A group donation in Memory of Gary E. Koch.
Beth Fink  
Kevin Curran In memory of Gary Koch and in honor of his 3 dogs and my great friend, his son Matt Koch
Brenda Niemeyer  
Pamela Steggles In celebration of Chester
Sammy Springer In honor of Toby
Steven J. Kopf  
Kimberly Zern In honor of William J. Heady
Anne Solak-Tennant Returning Mollie's ashes to foster home
Edward Noss  
Barb Doolin  
Karen Johnson In honor of Cindy and Terry for all their help.
Gabriella Filisko All Springers in ESRA care
Jane Brandt Roscoe's heartworm treatment; in honor of Violet Brandt's 10th Birthday
Mary Guttieri  
Alisa M. Runyan In celebration of Addie
Jill VanDrese In Loving Memory of Lola rescued from ESRA in Michigan
Frank Bleau In memory of Dennis Anderson
Pamela S. Waidler  
Eileen Ryan  
Justin and Christie Isbell In memory of Gail Rossetto
Andrew and Suzanne Knight  
Rebecca Bockmon Many thanks to Beth Maryan, a true and caring professional, who made our adoption possible, which provided us with Reilly, who we love so much. And in honor and memory to my beloved and deeply missed Springers before Reilly: George and Murphy. Until we meet again.
Teresa Morrison  
Jet Palardy In celebration of Nash.
Carol and Mike Lovelady In honor of Stacy Bering.
Mulligan Tour  
Thomas and Teresa Morrison Thanks for the smiles!
Kimberly Kuper  
Steve Raspotnick  
Wayne Fiskum  
William Shaw  
Hector Montero  
Steve Raspotnick  
Sharon Cramer  
Boon Yeap  
Galen Toennis  
Hui Min Chan  
Edna Neely  
Rhonda Kindel  
Karen Garritano  
Kimberly A. Russell  
Anaiece Esparza I have had 2 English Springer Spaniels. I lost my first baby to cancer after 12 years and my second baby is now turning 10 on Christmas Day. I plan to rescue as many as I can for the rest of my life. I love them and they are definitely loving back. They are beautiful inside and out. I've had 5 other rescues, 3 mixed breeds, red heeler and chihiahua. I just have a soft heart for them all. Many Blessings to All.
Tommy Cottam  
Bryan Gilham Thank you for uniting us with our boy Blue six years ago. He is a great companion and friend.
Kim Harris Donation is in loving memory of Don Gochnour from PSESSA.
Luc Geurts  
Amy Schneider  
Becky and Perry Hasselbeck In memory of Scout Ralph. Adopted from ESRA October 2017. Thank you for all that you do for Springers.
Thomas Conlan This is in memory of a special friend who passed away on 11/11/2017. He owned several Springer Spaniels throughout his lifetime.
Renee Ayers  
Debra Lankes This donation is to honor the request of Jeffrey Weinand. It substitutes as a wedding present! Donate to a Georgia Springer if possible.
Steven J. Kopf  
Edward Noss  
Lori L. Berry  
Rob Jaeger c/o Tricia Dent and Jeffrey Weinand
Annette Balliett  
Anne Kolaczyk  Merry Christmas from Thumper and Faith, our two ESRA darlings.
Christine Middleton   
Patricia Kerwin  
Ellen Munson  
Jane Bennett and her babes, Ben & Dru  
Amy Padilla  
Linda Nasuta  
Amy Schneider   
Jill and Steve Olson In Honor of our Rescued Babies Jack and Bea
Suzanne Dijak-Robinson ESRA was the MyPetCarnivore.com Featured Charity for November. This donation represents a portion of our sales. Thank you! Keep up the good work!
Pamela S. Waidler  
Jinelle Fryklund  
Ted Warner  
Jeff Swoboda This is in memory of the beloved Princess, who recently passed and was rescued by the greatest family a Springer could go to.
Wayne Scholes In honour of Koda, and Sadie. Love you always. In appreciation of the wonderful work the volunteers do. In awe of the rescue moms and dads out there, thank you. Merry Christmas, God bless you all.
Michael Joehnk In celebration of our ESRA rescue, Angus
Lisa V. Falk  


A link to contributions made for “any Springer in ESRA’s care”
in prior years can be found here