It is the extra help from donors who earmark their gifts for “any Springer in ESRA’s care” that allows some of the dogs brought into ESRA's care to become our “extreme makeover” success stories. The list below contains the names of the generous donors whose gifts were received after we launched this program in November 2009.


The Carl Jud Foundation
Mary McDougall  
Toni Bronson In honor of Barb Doolin, a wonderful friend and true dog lover who has never met a dog she doesn't like. ESRA is lucky to have her on their side.
Margaret Guttieri A gift for her daughter Mary Guttieri to thank her for all she does for these great dogs!
Kellie McManus A gift for Flagg and Carole Taylor in memory of Berkley
Robert Pumphrey  
Debra Sidman  
Theodore Potts A gift for Ann Bogat in memory of beloved Chesley, rescued by Ann and loved forever
Susan and Hal Winters A gift to honor the Gordon Family and their efforts in adopting Springers!
Linda and John Wrobel In memory of Samantha and Hailey Wrobel
Joanita and Luis Munoz A gift for Patricia Munoz
Richard John Superak
Eileen Koob
David Brooks A gift for Maryann and George Brooks-Gonyer
Mary Friend A gift to honor Scott and Cheryl Dunn for all the nice things they do for Springers and people
Joni and Derek Fincham A gift for Jack and Melinda Fincham
Roger and Ainslie Zweig A gift for Whitney Zweig
Charlotte and Frank Dono
Pam and Bob Swift In memory of Barney, our Springer Spaniel
The McFadden Family A gift for Roger Jurack in memory of Friday Eugene Jurack
Louis Dale A gift for Ed Mashman and Carolyn Molloy. “Merry Woofmas to the Bow of Wow. Peg and Skip”
Anonymous A gift for Ellie Miller
Susan Winters A gift for the Gordon Family in memory of Rosie
Jack and Melinda Fincham
Jill Edwards and Chris Hyde A gift in the name of Ray and Kathie Borglund
Kris and Craig Specht In memory of Woodie Woo and Indie Girl, who were loved and will be greatly missed.
Ron and Lana Roulo In memory of Bee Gie
Suzy and Glenn Dundas In memory of our beloved adopted ESRA Springer, Bauer.
Lisa Cooley In honor of my Spaniel rescue, Elcie — a big joy in my life!
Heidi Thomas-Dunn A gift in honor of all the ESRA volunteers nationwide this holiday season
Edward Charles Kane In memory of Kelsey, my very close friend
Rhonda Bender
John Bender A gift in honor of Gloria Lind and her rescue efforts
Kathleen Jacobs
Richard A. Melcher
Stephanie VanStempvoort A gift for Philip VanStempvoort in memory of Chetmeister VanStempvoort
Carrie Puterbaugh A gift for Lee Thompson
Laura Nassau A gift for Yona Yellin
Anonymous A gift for Polly Campenni in memory of Sally Corman-Campenni to support Senior Springer Sammy in Dallas
Jay Hill In memory of Jack and Jenny
Carolyn Molloy In honor of all our incredible ESRA volunteers everywhere
Michael A. Lyons A gift for Melinda and Frank Bustamante
Michael A. Lyons A gift for Marla and Aaron Hicks
Rick Pearson
Martha, Michael & Max Kellerhals A gift for Mudgie Djerf in memory of Lucy and Tucker
Katherine Samson In memory of Jordan, my lovely English Springer, who brought a lot of love and joy into both my daughter's and my life
Jeanne Hastings A gift for Cindy Pierson
Liberty Ziegahn A gift for Deb and Dave Catrow in memory of Bubs
Dana Phipps In memory of Molly and Ellie
Laurie Sages
Miriam and Phyllis Levitt A gift for Dr. Karen Agersborg in memory of treasured and beloved Alex
Elizabeth Gonia In memory of my dad, Charles Gonia
James Newton In honor of Chip, our rescue ESS and in recognition of the selfless and dedicated work of Pam Civile, NC/SC ESRA Coordinator
Cody Olson A gift for Heath Olson and Kody Braisted in memory of Baxter
Ray and Monica Smith
Larry R. Hixon
Nancy Wilkinson & Susan Phillips Merry Christmas from our ESRA adoptee, Hank Phillips-Wilkinson. Thanks so much, ESRA, for everything you do.
Alexandra Nicholson
Linda Ogden In memory of Maggie SR
Shawn Ellis
Jeanne Holland Newton In recognition of the work Heather Griffith Fall does for ESRA and the dogs
Cynthia B. Benton In memory of Scoutie
Lindsey Ipsen
Heather Leigh Sheridan A gift for the Scott Clapham Family who always show much love to their English Springer niece/cousin, Mocha.
Alicia Howe
Mary and Stanley Frear
Larry and Carol Beaver
Donna and David Lingle In honor of Penny
Sandra Blake In memory of Bambi
John and Cindy Nathern A gift for Joan Nathern
Paul and Karen Hamrick
James and Lisa Sheldon In honor of Sadie
Jacqueline Davenport In honor of Sammie
Thom and Beverly Dillard
Christine Wisdom
Lee and Judith Lemsky In memory of our Springers Penny, Princess and Belle
Kelli Quinn A gift for John and Linda Groenewold
Kathy Ball and Scott Wendell Thanks for Molly
Mark Russell Brainai's cousins
Diane Prekup From C. J.
Carla Garner
Mark Friedman In honor of Gina and Terry Walber for Charlie
Peggy and Jim Kyzer A gift for Judi and Lee Lemsky
Kathy and A.J. Armstrong
Sheila Ann Krawchuck Special note: ESRA appreciates Sheila Ann's continued support of the dogs in our care
Catherine and George Poetschat
Gary and Corene Finley In honor of Maggie Mae
Donna and Jonathan Ward In honor of our ESRA adoptee
Nancy Thale
Mary Ann Brooks-Gonyer and George Gonyer For Jesse, our foster pup
D. L. Russell
Jane Sessler and Dick Williams In honor of Sophie