An inspiration to us all
July 17, 1949 – November 14, 2002

Jan Flagg and Joe Jan Flagg was a woman with a vision. In Jan's world, no dog would go homeless or hungry. And while she loved all dogs, Jan's passion for English Springer Spaniels led to her founding of ESRA. Because of her drive and dedication, several hundred Springers are rescued and rehomed each year, all over the United States.

But Jan's vision went farther than that. Within Jan's heart was a special place for dogs who especially need our help: senior, severely ill, or injured Springers. These dogs regularly turn up in shelters nationwide. And the shelters, who are faced with dwindling budgets and severe overcrowding, rarely have the resources to help them. With no place else to turn, ESRA is usually the last ray of hope for these special dogs.

The Jan Flagg Memorial Fund has been established by the Flagg family and ESRA to help provide rescue and medical care for senior, critically ill, or injured English Springer Spaniels. Please help us perpetuate Jan's legacy. All donations are tax deductible, and a receipt will be provided.




You can pay online by secure credit card transaction, or mail a check. Thank you for your continued support!
ESRA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.


A list of contributors in 2015 to the Jan Flagg Memorial Fund can be found at this link: sponsor/jan_memorial_2015.html



Lee & Janet Geronime In memory of Morley.
Donald O& Nancy Wagner In memory of Onyx
Terry & Paula Brewster In celebration of Boo.
Matt Foster In honor of my Springer Gabby & Daisy
Cindy Steeb  
William G. Burke, III  
Michael & Dianne Shanley  
Lexis Nexis In memory of our valued employee, Christy Holmes.
Lori L Berry In memory of Emma, my beloved Springer fo 15 years.
Karen Schaff & Steven Jayne  
Jennifer Scott  
Thomas & Carol Goddard  
Dan & Amy Replogle  
Diane Phillips In celebration of our rescued Springers - Izzy and Dora
TRUSTEE ANGELS – $500 to $999
Tim Gilderbloom  
John & Janet Watson  
Carole Scotto  
Kathie Schilling In loving memory of Annie.
Candis Mercer In memory of Gabe, Belle & Bailee
Christy Camenisch In memory of our little Daisy girl.
Jean Rynda  
John & Dee McLaughlin In honor of Kati & Wilson.
Janis Anderson In loving memory of Dennis Anderson.
Tim Gilderbloom  
Michael & Charlene Joehnk In celebration of Angus
Ferry Abe
Chattahoochee ESS Club
Diane Pershing Brotz
SUSTAINING ANGELS – $100 to $499
Charles & Joyce Meyer  
Thomas Mueller  
robert Elze In memory of Maxx Elze
Roberta & Robert Myers In memory of our dear Mona
Douglas& Ellen Miller In memory of Candy & Cookie
JC & Marie Conyers In memory of Miss Kitty
Patricia Mann In honor of Riley Mann
Lisa Schroer In honor of Fred & Sue Schroer
Jane & Bruce Ash In memory of Duke, Augie, Scout & Belle
Art Jansen In honor of Daisy & Becky
Miguel & Carole Murphy In honor of Belle
Theresa & David Kudor In memory of Pepper & Mocha
Helen Eberhard DeRosier In honor of all dogs need new hope in 2017!
Jennifer & Scott Zelhart In honor of Zelhart Classic Spaniels
Dwight Emanuelson In honor of Wilbur
Stephen Wells  
Mary & John Howell In memory of Molly & Elvis
Ronald & Eleanor Jones  
Marjorie Piersol  
Thomas & Margaret McIntosh, Jr  
Anthony Ruffalo  
John Powers In honor of Scooby-Doo
Kevin & Gina Taddy in honor of Sammy & Finley
Janet & Earl Dunn In hono of Milo & Eddy
Alan Knapton In memory of Augie & Bailey
Carol Benson & Donald Haffner  
Tom & Sharon Monroe In honor of Hunter
David & Cheryl Zxitur, Jr In memory of Caliber
Robert Stout  
Rene & Melanie Topalian  
Vicki & Mark Smucker In celebration of Grant and in honor of Marie Heinking
Gary & Mary Shiroda In memory of Abby, Arthur, Harvey & Helen
Mike Murphy  
Bruce & Charlotte Dunklin In memory of our beloved Springers
Daniel Dugan In memory of Patrick & Cole Dugan
Larry & Judith Mennemeier In memory of Maximilian
James & Susan Newton  
Janette Ray  
Cynthia Benton  
William & Christian McKenzie  
Jane Leary & Gregory Frock In honor of all our Springers
Carol Rolland  
Margaret Curry & Donald Young  
Carol Taylor & Elizabeth Dickerson In memory of Ros-Ma-Toz & Mica
James & Dianne Howell  
Sharon Mellon  
Jay Reed  
Deirdre Crescini In honor of Penny, Tucker & Ashley
Thomas Anderson  
Michelle Morgan  
Julie Waters & Michael Hagen In memory of Milly, Winchester, Murphy & Rose
Glenn & Jacquelynn Smith In memory of John & Rosemary Bell
Rebecca & Perry Hasselbeck In memory of Cincy & Mortie
Christopher Beard  
Ronald Bartell & Christine Mitchell  
Elizabeth Gonia In memory of Tuggles
Traci & Robert Manuel In loving memory of Mollie Manuel
Charles & Doris Youngquist  
Kathleen & Jack Engberg  
Lawrence Paull & Marcy Bolotin In honor of Renee Holmes & Cathy Peters, who helped us adopt Andy.
Martha Michalek In honor of Hope and in memory of Freckles
Nancy Myers  
Debra Konopka In memory of Zoe
Terry Haubold  
Maria & Kurt Morrell  
Leslie & Glenn Dyke In memory of Molly & Pippin
Linda Drew In memory of Jake who passed away in October 2016.
James & Constance Egaugh  
Cynthia Tobin  
Martine Scheuermann In honor of Trigger - our awesome rescue from 6 years ago.
John & Jean Matthews In memory of Molly
Meade Johnson  
Nancy Dobbs In memory of Rosie - our love dog.
Trudy & Al Fredin & Trippel In memory of Kenu - our amazing Springer rescue from ESRA
Susan Gilligan  
Richard Adams In memory of Gunner
Jon & Karen Burgess  
Amy Gibbard In honor of Blake (a 2007 adoptee)
Joe & Lisa Fiohr In memory of Shadow
Tim & Lori Owens In memory of Casper.
Donald & Annette Doerr In memory of Jake
William & Barb Schneider In honor of Bailey Schneider
Richard Orth  
Phyllis & Elon Pollack In memory of Dexter, Honey Bear & Argus
John Dick In memory of Flo Dick
Timothy & Deborah Ramsey In memory of Lance & Hannah
Joe Caputo  
Malkinda Dice-Shah In memory of Nina - a special Springer who changes our lives.
Donald & Annette Doerr In memory of Jake
Susan Anderson In memory of Chloe & Chester.
Tim Fires In memory of Scraps (a.k.a. Scat, an ESRA senior adopted in 2013
Nancy Dobbs In memory of Rosie - our love dog.
Todd Ingalls In memory of Jessie
Janet Koehnke In memory of Gumbeaux
Elisabeth Wortley In memory of Snickers, Jordan, Maggie & Mickey
Sharon & Ronnie Lawn In honor of Joanie & Charlie! Celebrating your first Christmas together!
Catherine Jones  
Ilene Friedman  
Linda Parker In memory of all my four legged buddies.
Amy Stevens In memory of Walker
Ateven Wainz & Susan Berry  
Aubrey & Barbara Hair In memory of our precious Mandy - a rescue who enriched our lives for 13 years.
Amy & Dan Replogle In memory of Buster Brown of Anchor Town.
William & Mary Ralph  
Ronald & Patricia Forman In honor of Hanna
Roger Erickson In honor of Etta Meinecke.
Mary Stump  
Siobhan & Paul DeLeeuw In memory of Benji, Charile & Maggie.
Fran Sunseri  
Laura & Patrick Doumont In honor of Laya - our 2010 ESRA rescue.
Kathleen & Graham Forder In memory of Richard Freeman.
Joan Fraser In memory of Max, Hailey & Bailey.
Sue Gilliam In honor of Cori & Bailey.
Anne Vivian Kuykendall In honor of Carolyn Molloy.
Tom Rau & Susan Graham In memory of Daisy the Springer & Katie the Springer.
Norman Thomas & April Brackenbush In memory of Jake.
Lori O'Brien  
Dr. Robert & Sheryl Lubanski, Jr. In memory of Lubanski's Virginia Landy "Ginny".
Polly Reed Daniel In honor of my 3 Springers - past & present.
Robin Downey  
Fred & Cathy Smith I memory of Nelly & Buddy.
Marion & Joseph Poythress  
Kay Stoupa In memory of Kelsey.
Thomas & Kathryn Grossi In honor of Lance and in memory of Rio.
Katarina Thomas  
Susan Davis In memory of Cookie & Charlie
Allen & Suzanne Peterson  
John & Gail Bent

In honor of Terri Lambing

Betty Boan

In honor of Ben

Karen Selven In memory of my Springer Spaniel Hailey.
Kathryn & John Lawrence In honor of Jan Flagg and cute dogs.
Gregory Jones In honor of Gunner.
Joan Parket  
Fred & Beverly Speder  
Suzy Dundas In honor of MI ESRA Team.
Paul Milakovich In memory of Chelsea
Chris & Nita Arora In memory of Sweet Becky
Alisson & Rick Moore In honor of Princess Zoe
Catherine Jones  
Allen & Suzanne Peterson  
Harold & Debra Johnson In loving memory of Simon - our 15 year old Springer
Rich  Redfern In memory of Jazzy, a very special springer spaniel
Laurie Aikins In honor of Maggie and Annie
Tim Fires In memory of Bebop Bleu
Bob Knell In memory of Rose on her birthday
Phyllis Herman In honor of A special rescue of Shelby
Kimberly Bolster  
Jane Abbey  
Murray &  Nancy Thale  
Paul & Nancy Lunsford  
Lynn Bodish  
Robert & Theresa Hamilton  
Antoinette Post In loving memory of my precious Hunter
Ralph & Bernadette Titus  
Tim & Mary Mason In celebration of Lord Sydney
Anne Kuykendall In honor of Carolyn Molloy
Tony & Diane Foos In loving memory of Molly Foos
Elon & Phyllis Pollace  
Richard & Wendy Hoffer In honor of Marie Devaney Conyers
Elizabeth Labrot In honor of Lori Poole and Liza Lank
Rhonda Groves In memory of Chloe, Tuggy & Lizzie
Deborah Sconyers A donation for Dianna
John McCoy In honor of ESRA board, volunteers, fosters, etc.
Mary Guttieri In honor of Trouchen "Sam" Oran and her huge heart
Kevin McCracken In memory of Jeffrey McCracken and in honor of Lucy McCracken
Mary Goochr In memory of Bailey the Bee dog
Steve Garner Amy and Dan, thanks for the wonderful hospitality during this year's Alabama Masters.  It is always greatly appreciated.  See you soon in Houston.
Michael Healey In honor of Amy and Dan Replogle
Jeannine and Robert Heyer Yee
William T. and Mary E. MasonIn honor of Sydney's Christmas Holiday
Peggy StoltzIn memory of Oreo
Carter Snider
Barbara SawhillIn honor of the Ohio rescue chapter
Robert Toy
Tracy BeckerIn honor of everyone who helps Springers
Craig and Susan LongIn honor of Skye
Laura Cawthon
Susan DavisIn memory of Charlie and Cookie
Charlene HillIn memory of Emma and Abbey
George Boettcher Jr.In memory of Luke and in honor of Mr. Ripley
PATRON ANGELS – $1 to $99
Mary Hultquist In memory of our beloved Lady, an ESRA dog who shared 10 years of her lady like life with us.
Judianne & Richard Smith  
Sharon Umhoefer In memory of Oliver Umhoefer
Richard Mentzer In honor of Montana
Antonia & Hans Resch  
Geraldine Schermoty  
Victoria & David Kolep In honor of Cody
Adrienne Payne In honor of Lucy & Swayze
Robert & Jean Braley, Jr In memory of Duke & Duchess
Gail Smith In honor of Dottie
Stacy Zylka  
Brenda Mckay In memory of Pepper
Ann Wagner In memory of Gracie - our ESRA girl that we lost in June.
David & Janet Smith In memory of Stubby & Monty
Karen & Michael Brown In honor of the Brown Family and in memory of Ivy
Mark Gonzalez  
Martha Erikson  
Sarah & THomas Durfee  
Tom & Linda Hendrickson  
Coleman Chambliss  
Mary Louise Olson In honor of Siri the Springer
Milo Peterson  
Diane Earl In memory of Bailee, Shelby, Chyanna & Beaux
Susan Vantine  
Tiffany Consoli In memory of Bella
Dorothy Wilson  
Steve Thumlert  
Bobby & Mary Lawrence  
Sharon Miller  
Mary Lou Respess In memory of Molly Respess Gardner
Silvano & Valerie Gaspary  
Marjorie Stambaugh  
Roger & Nancy Reader In honor of Rufus
Thomas & Kathryn Swift in honor of Casper Swift
Carolyn Barnett In memory of Bubba
Katherine Holt In memory of Samantha
Michael & Judith Meyer  
Kent & Jeri Partridge  
Eliot & Patricia Young  
Caroline & Steven Mayberry  
Susan & Joseph Clark In memory of Anabelle - adopted a year ago to her forever family
Pamela & Robert Swift In memory of our Springer, Bailey
Dorothy Wilson  
Lynn Glassford-Walter In memory of Carling & Bailey
Karl & Marge Kenkel In honor of Stan & Heidi Dunn (his rescuer).
Fred & Regina Ridge In memory of Marley
Katheryn Havasi  
Karen & Jeffrey Hegre  
Frank & Elaine Riggins In memory of Chase
Carolyn & Max Baldwin In memory of Sadie
Daniel & Kay Lennon In memory of Murphy Harper
Rita Marshall in honor of Rebecca Hickey
Perry & Rosemary Shuping In honor of Charlie
Grady & Sherry Jordan In memory of Jasmine
Mary & Peter McDougall  
Elizabeth Hibbs  
James & Arlene Carney In honor of Lilly
Janet Rommel In memory of Samson the Conqueror
Randy & Elaine Sattelberg In honor of Sarah
Lesley Blyth In memory of Buster Brown & Jan Flagg
Gary & Brenda Hansen  
Diane & Raymond Kaskel In memory of all our rescued Springers - Samantha, Darcy & Guy
Nancy Dunn & Michael Zomlefer  
Steven & Mary McDonald  
Kim Bolster  
Shirley Hornketh  
Diana Fedinec In memory of Oliver Fedinec
Joni Smith In memory of all our beloved Springers
Steve & Laura Rowley In memory of Reggie, Jackson, Hannah & Dew
Harvey Ward In honor of Matt-Matt & Sadie-Kat
Jean MacCubbin & Alan Seeger In memory of Charlie
Robert & Diane Beck  
Mary & Roger Sawyer In memory of Bandy
Sharon Harvey In memory of Winnifred
Lisa & Scott Boing In memory of Lucky Ladybug Valentine
Larry & Gretchen Wright In honor of Murphy the Wonder Dog!
Theresa Bazner In memory of Buster & Bella
Steven & Mary McDonald  
Beth Findell  
Martha Ramos In honor of Ali - my rescue English Springer Spaniel
David Hinshelwood & Carmen Barr  
Robert & Heidi Bursch  
James Schroeder In honor of Ms. Bella
Theresa Sikes  
Gay & Gideon Johnson In honor of Gilly
Brent & Kathie Hoffman In memory of Bogey & Kafie
Lu Wenneker In memory of all my lovely Springers
Joe & Charlotte Moran In honor of Buddy and in memory of Brandy & Cowboy
Ted & Norma Siembieda In memory of Cooper
Howard & Judy Falk In honor of Happy - our wonderful rescue!
Lucia McCamey In honor of Sheffield
Tim & Martha Fuller In honor of Hunter
Brad Greer In memory of Duke
Francois & Maria Cortina In memory of Max
Ron & Polly Bottrell In honor of Zoe
Helen & Michael Wooley In honor of Matt & Kelly Wooley
Joan Grossman In memory of Sadie
Janet & John Koelber  
Thomas Jamrose  
Marta Timar In memory of Rexie
William & Mary Faw  
Lee Anne Ayres In memory of Barley
James & Cheryl O'Hara  
Jane Dominick In memory of Charlie
Erik & Diane Gillman In memory of Chloe
Anthony Sager  
Jean Lefurgey In honor of the White-Bouson Family
Jimmy & Julie Crocker  
Tony Galiani In honor of Rebob
Linda Eckstone In memory of Melrose, Oliver, Lola & Cooper
Gary & Judith Perry In memory of Blanch & Lillian
David & Kathleen Amo  
Randall & Rita Majerle  
John & Sharon Gelato In memory of Buddy
Joanne & Brian Thiel In memory of Annie
Richard Pitera In memory of Deoji
Mary & Michael Schrader  
Angela & Larry Franz In memory of Oreo
Charles & Julia Lewis In memory of Pepper & PJ
Beverly Graf In honor of Sir Ludlow
Kristin Lee In honor of Daisy Schwinn
Nettie McKenney In honor of Lady
Frank & Bonnie Zovar  
Wilma Getz In memory of Cleo
Mary Lou Baird In memory of Lady & Audrey
George Gurria & Linda Gaalaas  
Vanetino & Concetta Toniolo  
Maggie & Louis Tur In memory of Sunny
Randall & Rita Majerle  
Nancy & John Burnett In memory of Lulu & Lucy
Valerie Decker In honor of Winston
Carla Hopper In memory of Scooter & Hailey
Jim & Sharon Staso In memory of Bobbi
Lou Blanton In honor of Lizzie - our 16 year old Springer!
Ursula Jackson In memory of Elliott, Hershey & Josie
Marie & Tom Sprandel  
Joyce Versino In honor of Isis and in memory of Pebbles
Joseph & Mary Pater In honor of Layla & Bobbi
Kelli & James Derrig  
Linda Ross  
Norm & Dorene Korpi In memory of our Springers Barney, Flicka, Boomer and our kitty Pepino
Warner & Charlene Archibald In honor of Nancy & Lola Wagner
Ed & Yvonne Carter In honor of Abbie & Hollie
Jeffrey & Heather Wood In memory of Lexie Wood
Nancy & Alan Leaffer In honor of bo, the rescue Springer adopted 12/14.
Arlene Jaster In memory of Bucky
Charles Spurgeon  
Charles & Heather Gibson  
GW & Beverly Dodds In memory of Meg Yale
MBN Engineering  
Carrye Harris-Franzel  
Ann Manor In honor of Mac, my special needs baby
Cynthia Howard  
Jean McGregor in honor of Kim Harris & Lynda Burns
Robert & Janet Lasar In honor of Makena & Ben
Lisa & Emil Kang  
Rhonda Bender & David Norman In memory of Dzee & Jan Mitchell
David & Jane Wilkinson  
Douglas & Beverly Jones  
Judy Ownes In memory of Queen Elizabeth
George Sornson In memory of Tilly & Pearl
Elizabeth Earle In memory of Buster Earle
Josephine Cohen In memory of Charlie
Robert Yeager & Jo Ann Jackson  
Jeffrey & Amie Daniels  
Mary Gagliardi  
Wayne & Ann Boytim In honor of Eric Christenson
Spencer & Kathleen McKinney  
Charles & Christine Zenker  
Lynn & Roger Schoepfle  
Kevin & Cori Kohl  
Daveid & Shari Green In memory of Chase
Jeannie & James Sirick In honor of and in loving memory of all the Spriners I have known
Yvonne Molnar In memory of Spots-A-Lot
Hilda Bussell In honor of Ziggy
Janice Scarbrough In loving memory of Zoey, Heidi, Beau & Jada
Alfred Jahns  
Sarah Cunningham In honor of Chase and in loving memory of Obie
Richard Turner  
Wanda Briggs-Trevino In memory of Tillie & Rosie. Always in my heart, always loved.
Jo Hagen In honor of Julie Waters
Faye Moser In memory of Cacy Moser
Nona Pryor In memory of my Springers: Dash, Homer, Patches, Dublin, Bea & Jagger
Susan Mott In memory of Xena & Sophie - wonderful puppies who died too young.
Louis &L Marca Lombardo III In honor of Melody
Gene & Elizabeth Brothers In memory of Jitters
Joann & George Glady In memory of Parker
Kenneth & Henrietta Plat In honor of Sadie Brown
Kenneth Kellogg  
Phhil & Deborah Chapman In honor of Gracie
Mary & Susan Patterson  
Lori Poole & Lisa Lank In honor of Sadie Daisy & Missy Rose
Richard & Linda Overmyer  
Joanne & Brian Cowley In celebration of Coooper and in honor of Marie Heinking
David & JoLayne Lowell In memory of Toby - our rescue Springer
Karin & Adrian Goffinet In memory of all my beautiful dogs - Springers and non-Springers alike
Eugenia & James Tate  
Cynthia Riley  
Gregg & Denise Barnett in honor of Tom & Janet Dunn
Michael & Michele Straney In memory of Casey
James Vickery In memory of Jackson
Carolyn & Frank Speight  
Anthony & Christine Bruno  
Anne & Leon Quinn, MD  
Alick Gerard IV In honor of Hamlet and in memory of Splasme Huxley
Michael & Judith Showalter In honor of Nigel
Jennifer Cottam In honor of Sophie and in memory of Snickers & Willy Cottam
Sarah Weinstein Sigmund In honor of Trudy Bond
Debra & Gerald Boawn In memory of Jody
Scott & Cheryl Kapes In honor of Shiloh
Dennis & Paula Morgan In memory of Libby Rose
Kris Olsen In memory of Samantha
Phillip & Deborah Ferris In celebration of Sundance
Richard & Mary Van Mullen In memory of Jan Flagg
Kristine Frane  
George & Jean Alter in honor of Zoey & Ashton
Janet Banks In honor of Bo and in memory of Petey
Joan Caine In memory of Casey
Debra Schlotter Alwin  
Michael Alwin  
Demetria & Eric Mell In honor of Prince
Dave Hofstadter In honor of Chace
Mary Stolberg In honor of Emma - my wonderful ESRA dog!
Jennifer & Robert Fauser In memory of Griffin & Addison
Kathryn Breen In memory of Ellie
Arlene Resnick  
Lucy Underwood In honor of Bentley
Theresa Danielson Wimann In memory of Rebbeca Zullo!
Cynthia Veen In memory of Piper
Barbara West In memory of Molly
Mary & Edward Cooke, IV  
Diana Taylor-Paine In memory of Rocky Acres Springers: Baron, Zeus, Harley & Valentine
David Burstein  
Netta & Mike Radice In memory of Gracie Dwyer.
Martha Lang In memory of Mardi Gras, our beloved Springer.
Fred Arendt III In memory of Beau Wherry.
Jason & Tiffany Fraioli In memory of Buster.
Michael Minning  
Galina Bridges In honor of Dewey.
James Curinka In honor of Lexi.
Howard & Audrey Pair  
George & Diane Turski In memory of Redd & Layla.
Philip & Bancy Tschumperlin In memory of Kirby.
Rosalie Summerill & Tom Baer  
Bruce & Dianne Wherry In memory of Kirby.
Claudel Palmer In honor of Molly Moo Cow.
Nancy Snyder In honor of Hoka.
Robert & Frances Thomas  
Lori Gillfillan In memory of my Springer boys.
Sally Ann Kelly  
John Horace In honor of Jack.
Bunny Bueggeman In honor of Pweter Buggeman.
John & Margaret Malone In honor of Darby.
Beverly Seger  
Melanie Dugan

In memory of Gus & Maggie.

Gloria & John Kareken  
James Bailey In honor of Jake Bailey.
James & Janice Coon  
Jean Neubarth  
Russell & Beverly Schumacher In memory of Abe.
Bradley & Dana Macpherson  
MSGT RT Carter Conrad & Patricia Conrad In memory of our son, Carter P. Conrad, and our Springers Shadow & Zeus.
Sharon Applebly In honor of Beau.
Corrine Skonieczny In memory of Watley.
John & Faith Sheehan  
Tibor Ehrlich  
Marcie Nashem In honor of Pepper & Danny.
Thom & Bettina Williford In honor of Nigel.
Gerald & Sharon Lankin In memory of our beloved Nicholas & Alexandra.
Melanie Masura  
Gordon & Kiki Janesky In honor of Kooper.
Cricket Gentry In memory of Megan & Murphy.
Terry & Paula Clark  
Maria & Aaron Hicks In memory of Charlie Hicks
Noel Easton In memory of Sam.
Eric & Marsha Christman In memory of our great Labs & Retrievers in the past.
Jack & Joan Boling, Jr  
Paul & Maxine Childs In honor of Zeke.
Paul & Kathy Jurs Nelson In memory of Rusty.
Glen & Ethel Barker in honor of Woody.
Edward & Sylvia Fowler In memory of Birdie.
Charles & Barbara sonner In memory of Scotty, Gracie & Kaplan.
Dennis Burke  
Mike & Courtney Ranson  
Carol & Robert Walker In memory of Maggie & Holly.
Jack & Marilyn Winchester In memory of Ch Serenade's Spirity of Alynn.
Michelle Gerardo In honor of Jasper.
WK Juncker & Nancy Rawlings In honor of Gonzo - our dog.
Katherine & Ryan Kinsel  
Karen Robacker In memory of Tucker.
Patricia Detrick In honor of Linus & Lila Stanforth.
Bob & Sandra Pierce  
Robert Cash In memory of Aiden.
Lisa Cataldo In memory of Edison.
Randall & Karol Ann Bordner  
Neil & Etta Barbanell In memory of wonderful and sweet Mattie.
David & Doreen Dorcas In honor of Charlie.
Denise Schultz  
Dan & Merry DeLano In honor of Cathy Peters.
Fredda Fox in honor of CA ESRA Team.
Ed Souza In memory of Phoebe.
Susan Peterson In honor of Tracy
Larry & Rachel Lankton  
Nancy Marshall In memory of Riley (Oregon Springer rescue - best dog ever)
Matt Kelly In memory of Tess and Addie and in honor of Steve Lusted
Bob Knell In memory of Rose at Christmas time 2016
Renee Dinwoodie In memory of our sweet bo, Hunter
George Jarvis In honor of Kathy Jarvis (Springer Mom)
Terri Boutin In memory of Amazing Grace Boutin
Colleen Roper In memory of Melody
Melinda & Jackie Baham-Miller In memory of Charlotte Holter
Nita Watson In memory of Zippy Cooper's Jamie
M.C. & C.R. Maxwell  
Joan McFetridge In memory of Emma of @oldhappydogs
Kristen Smarr In memory of Emma from @oldhappydogs
Nancy Primeaux In memory of Oakley Tablada
Stan Marks In honor of Michael, Rebecca and our sweet Gilly.
Jennifer K Smith In loving memory of my springer, Beethoven
John And Townsend Durbin In memory of Dobie
Coleman Chambliss  
Randall & Karol Ann Bordner  
Barb Smith  
Brian & Karina Van Doren In memory of In loving memories of Toby and Molly
Carter & Patricia Conrad In loving memory of Cassie Rosie
Randall & Rita Majerle In honor of Charlie
Patricia Parker In honor of Gunner
Carol Feldman In loving memory of Mandy, Danny, Bear, Sophie, Molly, Abby, Brooke, Mac and Oreo
Peg & Donald Speidel In honor of Missy Speidel
Willa Lutz In loving memory of Molly
John & Gloria Kareken In memory of Gordon Brock
Edward Noss  
French & Billie Cary  
Thomas & Teresa Kinsel In honor of Bo
Debra Mason

In loving meory of Belle Cierra Mason

Gary & Judith Perry In honor of Billie, Blanch and Lillian
Robert & Sharon Kazimore In honor of Patty and Dottie
Marta Timar In loving memory of Karl and Ilona Timar
George & Jacqueline Moser In loving memory of Sadie Jane Moser
Diane Nagel A donation for Dianna
Linda Nelson In memory of May Walker
Ken, Shelley and Maggie McNew In memory of Gus McNew
Ronnie Riner For Buddy in New Mexico
Terry and Belle Sprague In memory of Mary Viehoefer's father, who loved Springers all his life
Susan Hunter In honor of Lori Poole and Liza Lank
Stephanie Roebuck In memory of Lola
Lori Holdren For Dianna & pups - Trouchen
LeAnn Engel In memory of Jan Mitchell
Courtney Gremillion In memory of Jim Rode
Emily Hipchen-Bowie In memory of Ruby Brickman-Curzon
Leslie Dyke In memory of Lu Stefanik
Steve Spiegl  
Robbie Engel In memory of Zeke
Deborah Ruggles In memory of Belle, and in honor of Charlie
Bruce And Terry Cooley In memory of Dixie Chmielewski
Pat Ryan In memory of Chuck Tate
Susan Blackwood In honor of Liza Lank and Lori Poole
Mary Guttieri For Mandy in Michigan
Roberta SharpIn memory of Lacey and Libby
B. SmithIn memory of Jan Mitchell
Renee Holmes In memory of Mr. Mark Oehlke
Carolyn MolloyIn memory of Jan Mitchell, a treasured ESRA member
Kathee Brian DeckoIn memory of Woody
Robert EdgarIn honor of Henry
Randall J. and Rita S. MajerleIn honor of Charlie
Carol D. FeldmanIn memory of Mandy, Danny, Bear, Sophie, Molly, Abby, Brooke, Mac, Oreo
Patricia J. ParkerIn honor of Gunnar
Peg SpeidelIn honor of Missy
Kathleen BielskiIn memory of Cocoa
Kim MatthewsIn memory of Stanley Baldigo, father of Amy Replogle
Sue SchroerIn memory of Stanley Baldigo, Amy Replogle's father
Lea AlexanderIn memory of Stanley Baldigo, Amy Replogle's Dad
Marv MillerIn memory of Stanley Baldigo
Mary GuttieriIn memory of Stanley Baldigo
Caryn PolaIn memory of Amy Replogle's dad Stanley Baldigo
Susan ZukerIn memory of Amy Replogle's dad Stanley Baldigo
Tony Galiani and Mira GlossIn memory of Rebop
Elba WilsonIn memory of Charlie Wilson
Christopher Robison
Jo Ann ZazzaraIn memory of Cookie 2
Ann Laska
Barbara Smith
Priscilla McAbeeIn memory of Cody and Summer
Christine BlevinsIn memory of rescued Spencer
Jeanne ThomasIn memory of Oreo
Sharon RussellIn honor of Lily
Gregory B. JonesIn honor of Tailor Made Jones
Ashley Banks CloningerIn memory of Homer
Martha and John RamosIn honor of Ali, our Springer Spaniel
Joan CaineIn memory of Daniel M. Cain and Buster
Raymond Kaskel
Merrie and Chris Corbett in memory of Foster Failure Appaloosa who wasn't here long enough and left us on 10/7/15


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