Victoria Neilsen In memory of My three sweet springer babies Arco. Patrick, & Jenny
Lauren Lengyel In honor of Amy and Forey
Barbara D Kroda In memory of M. Christine Weisenberger
Patty Colllins in honor of my extra special big brother, Mike Collins!
Robin Nelson In memory of Rebecca Zullo
Cheryl King In memory of Rebecca Zullo
Beth Fink In memory of Rebecca Zullo
Becky Junkins In memory of Rebecca Zullo
Timothy Lowe, PhD In memory of Charlotte Senior and in honor of Rebecca Zullo
Robert Wolleben In honor of our rescue Duke
Llinda & Gene Ogden In memory of Maggie Sr and Maggie Jr and in honor of Lilypad
William Dickter In memory of Darby
Sandra Divergsdal in honor of Dodger
Leann Gertsma In memory of our first Springer Lilo
Dessie Botham in memory of Rebecca Zullo
Cindy Nathern In memory of Sophie Nathern and in honor of Joan Nathern
Anita Howard In memory of Rebecca Zullo
Leonilda Burke  
Glenn Patton  
Sandra Bond In memory of Maggie
Anne Mele  
Rhonda Groves In memory of Tuggy, Lizzie and Chloe
Victoria Polce In memory of My three sweet springer babies Arco. Patrick, & Jenny
Victoria Polce In memory of My three sweet springer babies Arco. Patrick, & Jenny
Victoria Polce In memory of My three sweet springer babies Arco. Patrick, & Jenny
Ronnie Riner & Barb Bracken In memory of Max
Karen Fortner In memory of Scout, Kari, Punkin, Poppy, Buster, Charlee, Tuffy
Victoria Polce In memory of My three sweet springer babies Arco. Patrick, & Jenny
Lori Wexler In memory of our own sweet Charlotte, our first ESS senior rescue
Elizabeth Hall  
Adriene Medina Grimes  
Jenine Bucker  
Kolleen  Wick In memory of Teddy Emanuel
Ellen Munson In memory of Kaila
Adriene Medina Grimes In memory of Dakota & Domino Medina
Cathy Jaster In memory of of our Nicholas in TX we had such a short time and in honor of Buckley, who Nicholas made a way for.
Tamara Kamieneski In memory of Maggie Mae Harrington
Robin Nelson In memory of Ruger
Donna Dawson In memory of Don and Peggy Thaler and in honor of Christmas in July
Jan Ybarra In memory of Casey and Emmie
Sandra Grubb In honor of Sassy, Andy and Gilley
Peggy Outly In memory of Minnie, Charley ,Abby, Sam, Forbin, Grace, Kitty, Orson and Cramer all my angels
Sheri Leider In memory of Blaze,Coz,Basil and Freckles
Pat Ryan In memory of  my angels Ginger, Pudge, Chelsea, Boscoe, Lizzie, Shelley and especially Lacey Kay, who was born 6/30/1996. I love and miss you all.
Susan Manthey In memory of My angels Candy and Buster
Dessie Botham In memory of Frasier
Benoit Hillier In memory of BoJangles and Spangles
Barbara Davis In memory of Lola, Cydnee and J J
Gail Breckle In honor of sweet Savannah whose time is near to cross the bridge and find Miss Penny to play.
Anita Greenbaum In memory of Penny Mrozek, Kim's Angel a loving and sweet girl who helped raise many fosters
Linda Prouty In memory of all my Stonewall Springers - I miss you.
Barbara Bracken In memory of GusterBuster Pete and Grace
Barbara Kephart In memory of Callie
Deborah Phillips  
Maricarmen Tate  
Deborah Phillips  
Rise Lamb Wagner  
Barbara Stone Davis  
Yolanta Jonynas  
Tamara Kamieneski  
Michele Grenier-Bradbury  
Alyssa Dermott  
Stacey Smith  
Mike Collins  
Gail Breckle  
Anita Greenbaum In honor of Barb Bracken and Ronnie Riner
Shirl Benton-Graf  
Marsha Johnson In memory of Stephanie Mueller
Danny Morrow  
Peggy Outly  
Ronnie Riner  
Suzette Rick Owen  
Maricarmen Tate  
Barb Bracken  
Gail Breckle  
Anita Howard  
Renee Ayers In honor of Catherine Jones
Pay Ryan In memory of Gary Mineer
Brian & MJ Beasley Donated in memory of our beloved Springer, Tara. Gone too soon, we will see her again across the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you to Dr. Servi for her compassion to Tara
Linda And Dave  Anderson In memory of Sassy
Linda Prouty In memory of Jack Donald Hunter
Carol Barnhart In memory of Chuck Tate
Lee Ayres In memory of Bailey, a loyal companion and friend
Nita Watson In memory of Chuck Tate, a good man, loved by many, and in honor of Maricarmen Tate Gomez, the gentlest of hearts
Theresa ReyerIn memory of Chuck Tate
Gabriella FiliskoIn memory of Chuck Tate
Sandrae JaynesIn memory of Finn
Lisa Shaw
Beth MaryanTo help care for CO Zoe
Ellie Anschuetz
Victoria Polce In memory of my three sweet Springer babies, Arco, Patrick, and Jenny
Kathleen EscanoIn honor of Blake, my first Springer baby
William EardleyIn memory of Suzi
Peggy OutlyTo help care for Zoe in CO
Maggie Ford In memory of both my Mom and Dad … BIG Springer Lovers!
Nicole WardFor Princess Zoe
Beth Maryan
AnonymousIn memory of my sister Julie, the ultimate dog lover and protector, and in honor of Bailey and Ida Mae
Heather Eastland In honor of Danny, Bonnie, Olivia, and Emmy
Susan JirovecIn memory of Goldie and in honor of Cookie
Robin NelsonTo help care for Princess Zoe in Colorado
Anita HowardIn honor of Teddy
Lynda Ross Nanney In memory of Clyde, Murray, Megan, Britt, Bubba and Kisses
Ronnie RinerFor Teddy
AnonymousFor Teddy
Jo Frances McCawleyFor Teddy
Rebecca ZulloFor Teddy
Maricarmen and Chuck TateFor Teddy
Judith StephensFor Teddy
Judy SchneiderFor Teddy
AnonymousFor Teddy in memory of Raisin, Brandee, Kramer, Georgia and Charlotte
Karen AgersborgFor Teddy in memory of Oliver, Alex, Katie, Jimmy
Debbie SouthworthFor Teddy
Kim HarrisFor Teddy
Shirl BentonFor Teddy in memory of Abby and Lucky
Jacque LosiFor Teddy
Sandy RoozeboomFor Teddy
Paula LynchFor Teddy in memory of my dad
Gabriella FiliskoFor Teddy
Teri SteenbergFor Teddy in honor of Sugar and in memory of Babe, Mitzy, Missy, Molly and Sophie
Marilyn Rotgun For Teddy in memory of all of our Springers that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Ann CourtneyFor Teddy
Cathy ThomasFor Teddy in memory of Jessie
Katie LawrenceFor Teddy
Diane EarlFor Teddy
Shannon PetersFor Teddy
Linda ProutyFor Teddy from "Jasz's Good Dog Jar"
Denise JenkinsFor Teddy in memory of Chipper, Mason and Maggie
Christi CooperFor Teddy in memory of Henry, Natalie and Wyatt
Teresa ReyerFor Teddy
Mary Jeanne WilsonFor Teddy in memory of Joker
Teresa Benoit HillierFor Teddy
Maryann EdwardsFor Teddy in honor of Ziggy and Tucker, ESRA Rescues
Stacey, Kenny and Madie SmithFor Teddy in memory of our beloved cocker spaniel Harley that lost his battle with renal failure in 1995
Vanessa JungbluthFor Teddy in memory of Angel
Michele BradburyFor Teddy's medical bills in memory of Gretchen
Nicole WardFor Teddy
Ellie AnschuetzFor Teddy
Carol BabcoxFor Teddy
Cynthia LighterFor Teddy
Anita GreenbaumIn honor of Teddy
Robin NelsonFor Teddy
Leann GertsmaTo help sweet Teddy
Sandra ArrisonFor Teddy
Shannon SadlerFor Teddy
Lauri DykhuisFor Teddy
Janine MartinezFor Teddy
Beth SanfillipoFor Teddy's vet bills
Kris Svee
Julie NoyesFor ND Teddy
Carol WegleyFor Teddy's medical expenses
Kerri Johnson
Ellen MunsonFor Teddy
Cynthia GornbeinFor Teddy in memory of Lady
Diana Taylor-PaineIn memory of my Rocky Acres Springers
Elizabeth HallFor Teddy
Brenda McGeeFor Teddy
Sunflect ESSFor Teddy
Melissa Burkhardt In memory of Lady's Valiant Sir Dundee CGC, CD
Catherine SkortzA gift for Teddy in memory of Reilly, a sick little guy who lived a lot
Bryan and Charlene Black In honor of the staff at Mueller Pet Hospital and The Pet Inn
Dessie BothamFor Teddy in memory of Becca
Valerie HoltFor Teddy
Suzette OwenFor Teddy's hospital bills
Beth FinkTo help care for MN Teddy
Linda ProutyA gift to help care for Teddy in MN in memory of all my past precious Springers
Kathleen Kyer
Patricia Ryan
Barbara Davis
Rene PizzoIn honor of MN Teddy's foster mom, Kolleen Wick
Denise JenkinsFor Nicholas's care in memory of Mason
Cap Horning A gift to help care for Nicholas in Texas in memory of Jet, Amber, Carmel, Pepper, Berk Brit, Blue, Gabe and in honor of Burk, Zoot, Jeep
Shirl Benton-GrafIn memory of Lucky and Abby
Peggy OutlyTo help care for Nicholas in Texas
Beth FinkTo help care for Nicholas in Texas
Robin NelsonTo help care for Nicholas in Texas
A list of contributors to Charlotte's Senior Fund made in 2015
can be seen by clicking this link: seniors/charlotte_2015.html