ESRA’s Special Seniors


The Remarkable Transformation of Miss Charlotte

A senior Springer was pulled from a small Texas Shelter in October 2014 having been picked up as a stray. Her neglect was atrocious and agonizing to watch. Her dry, bleached, overgrown coat was horribly matted, dead fleas and debris were embedded into her skin. Severe flea infestation resulted in anemia. Her painful ears, her runny eyes, and her entire skin raged with infection. Her heart was riddled with heartworms. At a whopping 85 lbs., she was severely overweight affecting her ability to walk, her ability to sit, and to scratch. Her lifelong obesity left her with painful and debilitating arthritis and elastic ligaments in her joints. Moving about was a challenge. While serving her “stray hold” at the shelter, kennel cough and an upper respiratory infection escalated into pneumonia. Her prognosis was guarded. Without a name, we called her “Miss Charlotte.”

Charlotte continues to grow younger each and every day. After months of rehabilitation, she's a healthy and slender 40 lbs. She is sharp as a tack and very alert! Her face is soft and worry free. Her big brown grateful eyes are bright, clear and full of life. Her hearing is keen. He coat is silky, her skin soft and pink. Her blood panel is optimal. Unfortunately, the years of obesity left her with significant arthritis; however, with the help of daily supplements and anti-inflammatory medicine, she moves comfortably and happily about. She enjoys her daily strolls around the yard, her jaunts over the rocks, and into the flower beds. She takes the stairs like a champ! At night, she patrols the yard for critters keeping them at bay. She barks loudly and she greets everyone with an exuberant full-body wiggle. Emotionally she continues to blossom, experiencing human love and affection likely for the first time. Her foster family has formalized her adoption making this amazing old gal a part of their family. Miss Charlotte has finally found health and peace.

ESRA was able to pick up the pieces and put Miss Charlotte back together again. She is now whole, the dog she was intended to be, and the beautiful inspiration behind "Charlotte's Senior Fund," an initiative by the Clayton Nation community to support ESRA's commitment to senior Springers in need. Please consider contributing to Charlotte's Senior Fund to help ESRA continue to welcome these deserving seniors in desperate need with open arms, changing their lives forever.




  Yolanta Jonynas  
  Linda (Lin) McHaley  
  John Wright  
  Kimberly Smith  
  Joan Fraser  
  Peggy Outly For Princess.
  Rosemary Kaiser  
  Elba Wilson For Princess.
  Isabel Sheeter For Princess.
  Lisa V. Falk  
  Tamara Kruse-Kamieneski From Oxford and Angel Scholar, in honor of Miss Molly Sealy, Frolic and Sparkle Bell.
  Nancy Thale Thank you for all you do for our Springers.
  Alyssa Dermott  
  Kathleen Deyell  


A list of contributors to Charlotte's Senior Fund made in 2017
can be seen by clicking this link: seniors/charlotte_2017.html