In Memoriam — Joanne Scott
October 2011

English Springer Rescue America wishes to send our condolences to the Scott Family for the loss of Joanne (Joanie) Scott.

Joanie and her family began "being owned" by Springer Spaniels in the early 1980's and had four dogs, the first two liver and white, and the second two black and white.

They quickly became part of the family and all traveled with them. The dogs were an integral part of the Scott household as much as any other family member. Other dogs came and went, but the Springers were the special ones. The last one, whom Joanie especially loved, became part of her support system during her battle with cancer. "Adidas" will have that special part in the family's heart forever.

In honor of Joanie's life, the family has requested that her friends and family make a contribution to our organization to help save other Springers across America.