Flash — In Memoriam
June 27, 2015

Flash English Springer Rescue America exists because we feel that every Springer in the world deserves to find that special someone who is sure that their Springer is the best of them all. A boy named Flash definitely achieved that high honor, and although we are sad to announce that he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we are honored to introduce him to our ESRA friends with this memorial tribute.

Born in England on May 8, 1997, he moved to Singapore in June 1999 when he was two years old to serve as a drug detector dog with the police force. In 2004, he retired after five years from his specialized police duty and was almost euthanized when no one came forward to adopt him. Luckily a kind-hearted soul rescued him before it was too late and handed him over to a friend. For some reason he lasted only one night with his new owner but very soon found another human savior, a woman named June. She gave Flash a good home for about four years but put him up for adoption again as she was heading to England to study.

After a few more twists and turns in his story, Flash finally found what he was looking for. Two moms named Mun San and Jane had recently lost their beagle in a tragic accident caused by his lifelong struggle with separation anxiety. They knew nothing about Springer Spaniels, having never even heard of them before they met Flash — actually they were told he was a Welsh Spaniel and they hadn't heard of that breed either. They weren't the least bit hesitant to consider adopting him because of his age — they were told he was "about five to seven." Since they weren't looking for a young dog, that age was certainly not a deal-breaker. And they were greatly impressed by his noble background as a retired police dog so little by little the idea that Flash just might be close to finding exactly what he was looking for was gaining ground.

Mun San and Jane had one very strict condition before they would agree to adopt him — they wanted proof that he did NOT suffer from separation anxiety! June assured them that Flash was a very quiet dog who rarely barked, if ever, but they needed to be sure so they agreed to take him home for a night for a trial sleepover. Admittedly already falling just a little in love with him and hoping with all their hearts that he would not fail, they left him alone for about five minutes with a video camera running. They were thrilled to report "He was as cool as a cucumber and didn't even whine, let alone bark!" The confident boy just sat there, smiling and waiting for his humans! He had passed his test with flying colors and had found his Forever Home!

FlashOne thing that they had particularly loved about this little fellow when they first met him was the fact that he was "bowlegged." Mun San admits they found that to be "endearingly cute" and June had assured them that nothing affected his ability to run. She was right — he could run like a flash! Incidentally, after adopting Flash they also discovered he was actually already eleven and not "about five to seven" as they had been told — a sad realization at first because they assumed that meant their time with him would be limited. Who could have foretold that he would bring them almost seven years of wonderful memories! Mun San and Jane agree that adopting Flash "was the best decision of our lives!"

Now happily in his new home with his new adoring moms, Flash didn't enjoy a quiet retirement with Mun San and Jane. In fact, he became busier than ever continuing to serve the community as a therapy dog. He retired for good when he reached the age of 13 then turned his attention to the Internet, making new friends from all over the world and spreading joy through his trademark smile. The ever-optimistic boy was crowned "Spokesdog for Happy Springers Everywhere" by one Springer lover not long after she "met" him online in a special place for like-minded Springer lovers called Springerville.

As Flash grew older, he gradually lost his sight, his hearing and the spring in his steps. He wasn't even able to stand up without some assistance towards the end of his life. But he never lost his zest for life, his goofy personality or his megawatt smile. And his moms report "That tail of his, it was wagging right to the end." Flash finally got his well-deserved rest on the morning of June 27, 2015. He left on his own terms at home in the arms of his favorite humans. He was 18 years, one month and 20 days young.

When Mun San and Jane went to buy flowers for Flash's funeral, they planned to purchase a few large bouquets but the florist politely suggested that they buy just a few single stems, and donate the money they would have spent on flowers to a charity instead. They made a donation to ESRA in Flash's memory and commented "Even in his death, our boy was teaching us to be better human beings." They chose ESRA because they had seen the good work several Springerville friends had done as volunteers for ESRA. Mun San said "It is comforting to know that Flash will continue to live by giving other Springers a chance at a new life, however far away they may be. Being a rescue himself, he would have approved of our choice."

We sincerely want to thank the family and their friends for supporting ESRA as a tribute to Flash's memory. We truly appreciate the opportunity to share the story of this special Springer. He was a remarkable dog who has left his imprint on the hearts of his loved ones and hundreds of friends worldwide.

Mun San and Jane have created a beautiful video as a tribute to their lives with Flash.

Mak Mun San In loving memory of Flash
Denise Skonieczny Buehler In memory of Bridget who went to the bridge last year
Pam Waterman In memory of Jasper and Abbie
Susan Grube
Diane Speight In memory of Cali and Hobbes
Kathy Hartford In memory of Sir Flash, a true hero!
Diane Tinsley In memory of Tim and Flash — Flash was a special Springer who was loved around the world. Keep smiling, sweet boy. You brought much happiness throughout your life.
Barbara Coffey In memory of Flash, "Spokesdog for Happy Springers Everywhere" and in honor of his most awesome mums, Mun San and Jane
Joan Grossman In memory of Flashy and my sweet Sadie
Ellen And Richard Heise In memory of Flash, Springerville's Superhero, and our beloved Spot
Christine Trottier In memory of sweet ever-smiling Flash and my Axl and in honor of his life, Springerville and his Mummies
Carol Barnhart In memory of the beloved Flashy and in honor of Alice and Meredith — may they live that long!
Mary Ellen Beams In memory of Mayor Flashy of Springerville
Michelle McKendree In memory of Sir Flash who taught us one of life's most valuable lessons — "A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."
Sandi Buczek In memory of The Flashter — our Super Hero and in honor of his two wonderful Mums
Karen Agersborg In honor of Oliver, Alex, Katie, Jimmy
Amy and Belle Butler In memory of Flash, and in honor of his service and inspiration to those in so many parts of the world
Cindy Mairs In honor of Jersey and Marley
Kim and Pat Harris You will forever be in our hearts, Flashy!
Kim Harris From your Springerville Family!
Daniela Galarza A gift for ESRA's Special Needs Springer Gypsy in memory of Springerville's Superhero Flash
Barbara Coffey A gift for special needs Bailey, with love forever for Flash, from Barb, Stu and Sundae

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