Mary Christine Weisenberger


December 20, 1960 – September 28, 2016

This is a tribute to a very special friend of ESRA. Christine Weisenberger of Wilmette, Illinois passed away on September 28, 2016, due to a sudden-onset medical condition. Predeceased by her parents, Abe and Lillian Gauger, Christine leaves behind a loving family consisting of her life partner, Daniel Hastings, three sons, Mitchell, Kevin, and Dalton, five siblings, and many nieces and nephews. Christine was the adopter of two ESRA dogs, Cassie and Archie.

Remembered lovingly by her family and so many friends, Christine was known for her enthusiasm for life, her selfless and giving nature, and her amazing smile. She was such a happy and fun-loving person who loved her family more than anything, particularly her boys. She adored her many friends, and they felt the same way about her. Christine was employed by Barilla and held a position in experiential marketing. She was an avid tennis player and downhill skier, and she loved cooking, fine wine (sometimes even while skiing or playing tennis!), and selling a particular line of clothing known as Cabi. Christine was also extremely fond of her three dogs, all rescues. Her first ESRA Springer, Cassie, was adopted from our Arizona group many years ago and passed away this past July. Her most recent Springer-mix, Archie, was adopted from our Illinois group a few years ago. Dan shared with us that he may one day be looking to add a third ESRA Springer to the household.

Christine's family has shown their gratitude to ESRA for assisting them in adoption by honoring Christine's legacy in a couple of ways. In lieu of flowers at her funeral, it was requested that donations be made to our rescue. As a result, contributions came pouring in. In December 2016, a celebration of Christine's birthday and her enthusiasm for life was shared with her family, friends, and people of the community to honor her. This was in the form of a special dinner featuring Christine's favorite lasagna recipe, with plenty of friends sharing their happy memories of her. Christine's collection of Cabi clothing (which Dan tells us took up a large portion of the second story of their home) was sold that day. The sale was intended not to profit her family but rather to donate the proceeds to our rescue. $6100 was raised that day and was given to ESRA in Christine's memory. What an incredible gift! What an incredible life! What an incredible woman!

We extend our most sincere sympathy to Christine's family as well as our gratitude for their generosity to our rescue. Christine's loving legacy lives on in her spirit and in the gifts made in her honor that will assist so many of the dogs in our care.

If you wish to make a gift to ESRA in Christine's memory, our online donation form can be accessed by clicking this link.


Heart of Cabi Foundation, Inc
Mellisa Murray In honor of Dalton Hastings' 14th birthday