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To ESRA's friends and supporters:

We have created a Google Groups list to act as a "Chat Board". During the sign-up process for new "chatters," there is a question to be answered that cannot be ignored. Please be SURE to answer the question reasonably, otherwise we'll think it's a "spam-bot" attempting to register, and you won't be acknowledged or accepted. Your request will simply be deleted without notification.

If your request is deleted prior to acceptance, you will need to re-apply, and this time, please answer the question! You should be notifed of acceptance into ESRA's Google Group soon after your request to subscribe is submitted if you follow these important steps.

Please NOTE: Signing up for this Google Group does NOT apply for membership in ESRA. That is done separately, elsewhere on this website, here:

Here's where you sign up for ESRA's Chat Group!

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