ESRA EVENTS - Toyota of Torrance

Toyota really went all out providing tents, tables, chairs, food, and signage. Centinela Pet and Feed, which is a great local pet store chain in the Los Angeles area was there handing out generous bags of food samples and dog and cat toys. There were about 30 rescue groups there and one city shelter sent a mobile adoption unit. There were dog, cat and even rabbit rescue groups. Caryn brought her 3 fosters, Eddie, Carter, and Andy. Marv and Marge brought Hunter "Hunt-man" who has developed into a real prize under their loving foster care. Naomi, who took the initiative to find and sign us up for this event, was there with her very own Clohe. And I was there providing moral support for all. We talked up ESRA and our beloved Springers with lots of visitors. We networked with lots of the other groups. No one got adopted yesterday, but we spoke to some potential adopters and members. A lot more people are aware of ESRA today than there were yesterday and we had a good time in the process.

Carolyn, ESRA in Los Angeles


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