The ESRA Carolinas Group (essrcarolinas) had a wonderful day at the Fall Paws Rescue Event in High Point NC. We had a GREAT turn out of Volunteers and it was wonderful to finally put a face with the people that you have become great friends with over the internet.For many of us it was the first time meeting. This was our first attempt at anything like this and I think we pulled it off remarkably well.(we did pick up a few pointers from other rescue groups for our next event).

We took in $298.00 in Donations and Sales!!!!!! AND Dudley has a Pending Adoption after completion of his Heartworm Treatment.The dogs all behaved themselves and were great ambassadors for Springer Rescue and The Springer Breed.

I would like to thank Pam Civile for the "Donation" of her Husband Mark and Stepson Christian who performed all the "Manley duties" (tent raising, table moving,etc etc) and the Civiles donation of a Blanket Throw that had all breeds of dogs on it.(coveted by everyone there!). Lisa Bells young son "Ant"(Anthony) was indispensible with his picture taking,dog holding,paper cutting,errand running chores (done with out complaint) Jamie and Cheri Palmer brought their Rescue Springer Sullivan along with the Springer Suncatchers (I have one!!!). Kathy Patterson Brought along her Foster "Dudley" and a few tears were shed at the "Pending Adoption" Status he attained while there. Kathy also brought along her Rescue "Ivey" who I must say is one of the most well behaved, adorable, beautiful Springers you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting! Cheryl Stone Brought with her Foster Dog "Mike" (also a Beautiful dog), and her Mother brought along Chloe, an honorary Springer. Laura Hollis brought along Foster dog "Katie" (I DON"T Like cats or anything the resembles a cat, Katie!!). Laura was very concerned at having to pass the Feral Cat rescue booth!!! LOL. Everyone had something to contribute to the days event and we found out that we really do work quite well together! We are all looking forward to our next event!!!! We will have pictures shortly.

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