ESRA EVENTS - Big Dog Parade

Big Dog Parade was really fun. Bob ,Marsha and my neice and I got up at 6:00 and started out for Santa Barbara at 7:00 with the 4 Pola dogs and two foster dogs. We got to the very crowded Parade. We dressed the dogs(everyone was required to be in costume) and off to the parade we went. Our foster dogs wore their new Jackets.

 We were with the groups at the front of the Parade. There were several very large rescue groups and the SPCA. We were behind a huge rescue group and infront of the big dog in a golf cart and followed by the marching band and about 2000 other dogs and their owners all in costume.

Along the route we were joined by Bill and  his ESRA ADOPTED Sliver and Teri and her ADOPTED ESRA DOG Dylan. at the end of the parade route we were joined by Kathy  Enberg and Her husband and dog. A great time was had by all. We spoke to alot of people about spingers and rescue and gave out a few business cards. We took a few picttures and had our pictures taken for the newspaper. We hope to repeat next year with lots more of you joining us.

Caryn Pola

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