ESRA EVENTS - 3 Dog Bakery, Pasadena

Marsha and Eddie

Southern California members spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Three Dog Bakery in Pasadena. Caryn Pola, Kathy Enberg, Marsha Barbaruolo, Naomi Hashimoto, Leanne Heriot, Carolyn Molloy, and Marv and Marge Miller visited with potential adopters, adopters, customers and passersby. Fosters Clinton, Eddie, Carter and Tommy were the center of attention and greeted all the people. It is beautiful to watch these sweet dogs with the little children whose eyes sparkle with glee as they get to pet the pooches. Clinton went home with his potential adopters. We raised $45. in donations.

One special moment occurred when Marge brought in a woman who had just happened by, tears streaming down her cheeks, who had just lost her own Springer. She caressed the dogs, and could not really talk because she was so distraught, and we could not much talk with her, because we were all so choked up - having all been there ourselves before. We pressed our card and an ESRA magnet in her hand as she departed.

Keep getting out there folks, in what ever way you can. Not everyone relies on the internet or realizes these rescue networks exist. Every one of these events has helped us grow the membership and awareness of rescue. It gives us an opportunity to visit with each other, and this is one great group of special individuals who share a similar passion. Pictures will be following, so check past events on the website.

Carolyn Molloy

Marsha and Carter

Marv and Marge

Clinton going Home!

Naomi, Leanne and Kathy

Tommy and Leanne

Mark- 3 Dog Owner
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