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Do you have room in your home and your heart for a Springer in need? We pay for necessary veterinary expenses, including heartworm medications and flea prevention. We ask that you provide food, toys, lots of love, a kind hand, and a safe  home in which a Springer can live temporarily while we seek that perfect Forever Home for him or her.

We do not have a shelter or kennel, and our ability to continue rescuing depends on whether we have a place for the dogs to stay when they are released to our rescue group. We exist entirely on donations and adoption fees, so it is difficult for us to board an animal in a kennel or vet's office since most foster dogs are in our care for two to six weeks.

If you give a rescue dog a temporary home, not only will you save a life, you will vastly improve your own. People who love animals live longer, healthier lives and you'll redecorate your home with fur for free!

If you will consider helping our dogs, please fill out our Foster Home Application or contact your state's coordinator

Thank you for helping in any way you can.

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Winnetka, IL




Status: Adoption Pending
Age:14 months
Color:Black & White
Weight:62 lbs
Here is Jackson, our exuberant ten-month-old Springer! He came into ESRA's care so we could find the perfect family for this wonderful boy. A couple originally purchased him as a young puppy, but they soon realized that they could not provide him the lifestyle he deserved because they were gone too many hours a day and he was left alone. Then Jackson went to a home as a companion for a four-year-old Springer female. However, the female did not appreciate Jackson's zest for life. Although he just wanted to be friends, she decided she really didn't need another friend. Therefore, the family contacted ESRA, and Jackson is now in a foster home leading a great puppy life.

There is nothing dainty about this Springer--he's a big boy, and he is all muscle. He loves his home in the Chicago suburbs, but he really enjoys his adventures in Door County, Wisconsin with his foster mom and the resident Springer, Abby. Jackson loves to play, so he will bark in Abby's face until she gives in and plays. He will also put his head underneath her tummy to initiate play. He gets along with all dogs, and he loves all people.

Jackson is really smart, and he has adjusted very well to the house rules and routine. His foster mom says that he has only two behaviors that he really needs to improve on--jumping on people and not coming when called. These behaviors are typically seen in Springer puppies, and they can be corrected with consistent training.

This healthy guy is microchipped, neutered, and up to date on all his vaccines.
Jackson is not a couch potato, and he is definitely not a dog to be crated for eight hours a day. He would flourish with an active family that is interested in teaching him to participate in agility trials or other doggie activities. Jackson does need to go to obedience training, which will help him bond with his family and make him a perfect companion.

We would like to see Jackson go to a home with another active Springer who would appreciate a buddy. It would also be wonderful if he could have a family with at least some members at home most of the time, as well as a secure yard with lots of spaces to roam and explore. If you think you are able to provide for Jackson's needs, he will reward you with fun, companionship, intelligence, and love. Is yours the perfect Forever Home for this energetic boy? If so, please contact his case manager by phone or email right away.

Please read the Adoption FAQ and get an Adoption Application approved before inquiring about Jackson.

Contact: ESRA Case Manager, Anne Solak-Tennant 708-799-7039 annesolak@yahoo.com .

Posted: 9/13/17

Springers in Indiana        top

ESRA does not have any Springers available for adoption in Indiana. However, we may have dogs in evaluation, or we may know of dogs at area shelters. Contact the state coordinator for information.

Springers in Iowa        top

ESRA does not have any Springers available for adoption in Iowa. However, we may have dogs in evaluation, or we may know of dogs at area shelters. Contact the state coordinator for information.

Springers in Kansas        top
Note: Kansas City, MO is listed in the Missouri Section. Look there for more dogs.

ESRA does not have any Springers available for adoption in Kansas. However, we may have dogs in evaluation, or we may know of dogs at area shelters. Contact the state coordinator for information.

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Cheboygan, MI




Little Beckham, left, snuggles with a friend.

Status: Adoption Pending
Age:14 months
Color:Black & White
Weight:35 lbs
This darling little guy is Beckham. Found as a stray, he ended up at a shelter and was then adopted out, only to be returned a few days later. It was reported that he had behavioral issues. However, Beckham's foster family says that this adorable young pup just needed guidance, patience, and exercise.

Beckham is yet another great Springer who deserves a chance. He is thriving in his foster home, which is situated on wooded acres. He loves to run and hunt off leash on his daily hikes. He wanders off in pursuit of prey, but he always comes back promptly when he is called. Because he is a youngster, Beckham naturally has a lot of energy, and he will require ample physical activity in his Forever Home. He is very outdoorsy, so he would be thrilled to be part of a Forever Family that spends a lot of time outside.

While he is still learning proper manners and his place in the pack, this fieldie fellow has blossomed with his foster family. He craves their attention and yearns to be near both his humans and his peers. Beckham's foster mom says that he is a complete lover, and he does not have a mean bone in his body. He gets along well with the resident Springers, playing and cuddling with them. He would appreciate a Forever Home with another dog to keep him company. If he does not have a canine friend, then someone home with him most of the time will be best. Beckham could also live happily with children.

This busy fellow is keen for chewing and has quickly become fond of his new stash of Nylabones. Beckham understands and respects the fact that these are the only objects he is allowed to chew. He knows the commands Sit, Down, Come, and No. Because he is a smart boy, Beckham understands when he is in the wrong.

Cheerful and fun-loving Beckham is always ready to go bye-bye for a car ride, and he politely sits shotgun for the trip. He is a great sleeper, resting soundly through the night in his foster parents' bedroom. He sleeps on a dog bed on the floor, and he also likes to cuddle on his humans' bed. How can his foster family say no to that when the other canines are allowed?

Because he is so attached to his people, Beckham displays slight separation anxiety when they are not home. He does not like to be crated at present, but to make him more comfortable in his crate, his foster family has started feeding him there. Now he goes in willingly to be fed. Although Beckham is a tiny lad, he loves to eat, and he has had a tendency to counter surf. He is now learning that this is not acceptable behavior. Beckham also excitedly jumps on people, so he is being taught that he only receives affection when he sits nicely.

Beckham is housetrained, up to date on all vaccinations, neutered, and microchipped. As you can see in his pictures, Beckham's right eye is crossed. He was likely born that way, and it does not seem to cause him any difficulty. Soon he will be seeing the vet to further diagnose this condition.

This cute little guy is ready to find a Forever Home where he will continue to thrive with love and leadership. Are you committed to providing this precious pooch with lots of activity, adventure, and affection? Beckham is eager to meet his match. To let his foster mom know how you fit the bill, contact her today at the email address below!

Please read the Adoption FAQ and get an Adoption Application approved before inquiring about Beckham.

Contact: Foster Home, Sally Korth salkorth@yahoo.com .

Posted: 12/21/17

Springers in Minnesota        top

Rochester, MN



Radar's halo


Status: Available
Age:8 years
Color:Liver & White
Weight:50 lbs
Meet ESRA's handsome Radar (formerly known as Haven)! This sweet boy just wants to be loved. Radar was found in a swamp in northern Wisconsin and was brought to a holding facility as a stray. Not much is known about his past, but of course we care more about his future and the good life he has now. When Radar was taken into ESRA, his foster parents pulled over seventy ticks off him, and he had fleas as well. He is now free of those pests, and he has been successfully treated for tick-borne disease.

Radar is also blind. The vet specialist he was taken to diagnosed Radar with sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS). He will need to be on eye drops for the rest of his life. But please don't let Radar's SARDS scare you. He may be blind, but he still can be a mischievous little guy. And he adapts well to his surroundings. For instance, at his foster home there are a lot of steps, which he learned to navigate without a problem.

This dear boy also has a condition called gingival hyperplasia. This means that his gum tissue grows over his teeth. Radar had surgery to remove the gum tissue and, during the surgery, the dentist removed some teeth as well. Radar will need yearly visits to a dental vet to keep an eye on the gums, and they will need maintenance if they do grow back. During the dental surgery, a cancerous spot was found on Radar's tongue. It was removed, and the vet stated that there is little chance that it will reoccur.

Due to Radar's blindness, he can get anxious in new surroundings, and when he is riding in the car, he gets agitated. He is given trazadone as needed, which helps him settle down and relax.

Here is what Radar's foster mom says about this special dog:

Radar is one of the sweetest Springer Spaniels I have ever had the honor of knowing. He wants to be by you on the couch, and believe it or not, he is able to get up and down all by himself! He also has his mischievous moments. He used to counter surf and get through the cat door to eat the cat food. He will curl up next to you and fall asleep with his head in your lap.

Because Radar is blind, I was initially scared that he would hurt himself. For the first two weeks, we had him on a lead outside in the yard until he learned the lay of the land. Radar now roams free in our fenced yard without injury. He will wear a halo outside, as you can see in one of his photos, so that he does not smack his face into the fence. Radar's foster home has over twenty steps to get to the yard and then back to the door. He does not have a problem with these at all. Radar's Forever Home will require a fenced yard for his comfort and safety, and minimal steps are preferable.

Radar is crate trained and housetrained. He gets along well with cats and dogs. It is recommended that he be in a home where any children are older. Interestingly, since he has been with his foster family, his mom and dad have never once heard him bark. The vet looked at Radar's vocal cords and said they look fine, but for some reason, he just does not bark. So if you are looking for a sweet, loving, goofy, and quiet boy, contact his case managers at the e-mail address below to find out more or arrange to come and meet him. Radar will be delighted to get to know you!

Please note that an approved adoption application is the first step in a more thorough interview process that is designed to match each dog to exactly the right family, and that the final decision rests with the dog's case manager.

Please read the Adoption FAQ and get an Adoption Application approved before inquiring about Radar.

Contact: ESRA Case Managers, Ellie Starks and Rebecca Thompson springerrescuemidwest@gmail.com .

Posted: 10/17/17

Springers in Missouri        top

ESRA does not have any Springers available for adoption in Missouri. However, we may have dogs in evaluation, or we may know of dogs at area shelters. Contact the state coordinator for information.

Springers in Nebraska        top
Adoptions for Nebraska are coordinated by the ESRA Rocky Mountain Region, which also includes Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. The ESRA West Region has more dogs in that area. Contact the state coordinator for more information.

Arnold, NE





Status: Available
Age:5 years
Color:B&W Tricolor
Weight:55 lbs

Jake's vet bills have accumulated to the point that we are asking for donations to assist him. If you would like to make a contribution to ESRA specifically for Jake (2013-860MN), make sure to indicate his name and intake number when you do so. Please click here to reach our Donations page to help Jake. He will be so happy!
Meet our man Jake! He has been in and out of various homes for a few years now. Jake has been constantly misunderstood, so we are seeking a patient, dog-wise, and loving family to support him and help him live a happy life.

Jake has been well trained, and he responds to commands. However, he seemed to be stubborn about coming out of his crate when he was asked to do so after being crated all day. He was grouchy and did not like people reaching for his collar to force him out. This cost him more than one home and resulted in some unfavorable training methods being used. Once Jake arrived at our home, we noticed that he did not move smoothly when he was running, so we had his hips examined and discovered that he has severe hip dysplasia. The poor boy was sore from not being able to move about all day while he was confined in the crate.

In our home, Jake has found it quite nice to be left alone in the house all day uncrated. He is very trustworthy and has never had an accident. His temperament has improved, and we now have an understanding of what hurts him.

Jake has been thoroughly evaluated by the orthopedic department at Colorado State University veterinary hospital. They have recommended not to replace his hips at this time but rather to help manage his condition with supplements and physical therapy. He likes the physical therapy because it involves treats! He is very food motivated, as is typical of Springer Spaniels.

You can see from his photos that Jake enjoys being outside. Because he has always had bad hips, he doesn't know anything different but just keeps doing what other Springers do. He sniffs up birds, bunnies, and mice in the field. He plays with our other foster dogs, and he will fetch toys for us. He enjoys life!

Jake likes to snuggle with you while you watch TV. He loves treats of all kinds. He adores going for car rides. Above all, he just wants to be your best buddy. He walks well on a leash, is invisible-fence trained, and uses a doggy door as well.

Jake's Forever Family will need to keep up his physical therapy and keep him slim. They must also understand that Jake will need more medical care in the future. A family that could take him swimming would be ideal, as this exercise really helps stretch and build up his muscles. That is key to keeping him comfortable.

We do not know how Jake would be with small dogs or cats. We would not recommend that he live with small children because they might not understand that they could hurt him by touching or pulling on him.

This boy has a fun and goofy personality. He knows how to work you for treats, toys, and attention. He has done well with all of our foster dogs since he has been here. He did think that being the only dog on the overnight trip to the vets at CSU was great, though, because he got all of our attention!

Jake truly deserves the best. Please contact us at the email address below for more information.

Please read the Adoption FAQ and get an Adoption Application approved before inquiring about Jake.

Contact: Julie and Clay Mohr mohr4you@gpcom.net .

Posted: 4/20/16

Springers in North Dakota        top

ESRA does not have any Springers available for adoption in North Dakota. However, we may have dogs in evaluation, or we may know of dogs at area shelters. Contact the state coordinator for information.

Springers in South Dakota        top

ESRA does not have any Springers available for adoption in South Dakota. However, we may have dogs in evaluation, or we may know of dogs at area shelters. Contact the state coordinator for information.

Springers in Ohio        top

Cincinnati, OH





Status: Adoption Pending
Age:7 years
Color:Liver & White
Weight:34 lbs
Dear potential Forever Family,

My name is Bailey, and I came to ESRA when my owners’ lifestyle changed. But please don’t feel sad for me. My foster mom is great! In fact, I call her Grandma, because I'm like an only child living at Grandma's house. I get love 24/7, and I can do no wrong (although I have to confess that I get into mischief sometimes if Grandma is busy). I'm seven and a half years young and thirty-four pounds of softness. I love playing with toys, and I usually have at least a dozen out of the toy box and lying around at any given time. They say I don't walk so well on a leash, and my former owners even sent me to school to improve that, but no one practiced with me. So Grandma walks me on a retractable leash. That works out for both of us, so I'm very happy!

I can be playful, but I can also be quiet at times—the best of both worlds. If you adopt me, plan on having a lap dog and sleeping companion. I excel at both! I also like to go along for rides in the car if it is cool enough. I ride in my bed in the crate without making a sound, unless there is something scary that needs to be barked away.

I should tell you that I’m all up to date on my vetting, and I’m spayed and microchipped, too. I am housetrained, and I don’t really need to be crated when I'm left alone. However, I will go into the crate if I must. (I just won’t do it with a smile.) Older kids in my Forever Family would probably be okay, but I do prefer a home with no babies or small kids. I like a quieter, peaceful existence.

Just so you know, I am a princess, and I had to let the other dogs at the pet store and the vet's office know that girls rule (at least this one does). It's probably a good idea for me to be the only dog in the house. Cats, on the other hand, might work out okay. We have an understanding, you see. There was a cat at my first house, and there is one here at Grandma's. Grandma feeds the birds and squirrels, and I love to watch that. It's better than TV, and sometimes I get to chase away the squirrels.

If you need love in your home, I'm the one. But Grandma says that you can take your time. She loves me, too, and she likes having me around for a while.

Love to you,

From Bailey’s foster mom (AKA Grandma): Bailey is a funny gal. She will steal and chew up things like a puppy, but that behavior happens when I am home and not paying attention to her, not when I'm gone. She loves her toys, but she chews up some of the plastic ones. Those have to be put away. She will chew up a stick and swallow pieces of it if she thinks you are going to take it away; everything has to be a good trade or she won't comply. Bailey's a player! She would be a counter surfer if she wasn't so short. Anything on the edge is fair game. Just yesterday she took the napkins from the holder and ran off with them. Then it became a game of keep-away.

For all of her antics, Bailey is a great girl. She settles right down if I take a rest break and include her. She's definitely a lap dog, and she wants to be the center of attention and share her affection with you. Bailey has many wonderful qualities, and she will keep you smiling! If you're interested in finding out more about this pretty little imp, please contact her case manager at the email address below.

Please read the Adoption FAQ and get an Adoption Application approved before inquiring about Bailey.

Contact: ESRA Case Manager, Angie Mesarchik akmesarchik@gmail.com .

Posted: 12/15/17

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Wausau, WI




Enjoying the afternoon sun

Status: Available
Age:12 years
Color:Liver & White
Weight:48 lbs

Thinking about bringing Dakota or another wonderful Senior Springer into your family? Read why rescuing Senior Springers is a top priority for ESRA.
Dakota is a very sweet and loving girl. She loves being around people and is your typical Velcro Springer. Dakota stays right by her foster mom's side, even when off leash outside at the local dog park. When home, she is never far away and looks to show you affection and attention. Sometimes all the loving and playing can get tiring. Dakota enjoys taking a snooze in her dog bed.

Some of Dakota's hobbies include taking walks around the neighborhood, riding in a car, going to dog parks and being petted or scratched. She has great energy, walks well on a leash and enjoys life! Dakota is in great health and recently had her teeth cleaned. She responds well to whistles, loud talking and hand clapping. Dakota has good manners and is housetrained.

Although Dakota is very easy going and gets along with everyone at the dog park, her foster family thinks she would do best living as an only dog or with another male dog. She does fine with cats (ignores them) and has done well meeting children. Dakota is a wonderful senior Springer that is ready to find her Forever Home. She is excited to provide her affectionate companionship!

State of Wisconsin licensed and inspected: 402322-DS

Please read the Adoption FAQ and get an Adoption Application approved before inquiring about Dakota.

Contact: Foster Home, Natalie Gostisha ngostisha@hotmail.com .

Posted: 8/15/17

If you are interested in adopting, please read the Adoption FAQ
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