Are you a private pilot or aircrew member?

Would you like to participate in the rehoming of needy Springers?

Can we interest you in joining ESS Airlines?

ESS Airlines is ESRA's program to put rescued Springers in the air
for transportation to new homes!

If you're a private pilot, or you have a friend or family member who is, ESRA needs your help in transporting our dogs from shelter to foster care, from foster care to permanent home. Please help if you can. All dogs transported will be of good temperament, vaccinated, tagged with identification, and confined in a size medium or large crate. Dogs transported will either be going from shelter to foster home, traveling from one foster home to another, or on their way to permanent placing and a new life!

In addition, many pilots and flight attendants commute to their home base airport, and they're permitted to fly dogs with them in the cargo hold. Does this include you?

Please contact ESS Airlines for more details.

ESRA foster dog "Tug" takes a flight from Riverside to Nut Tree Airport, California.
Left: ESS Airlines pilot Ed Adkison with Bill Sterling and Tug prior to takeoff.
Center: They deliver Tug to Mary Turner in Vacaville. It was love at first sight!
Right: Tug with new foster mom Mary.