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English Springer Rescue America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
For a look at our financials, and to get an idea of how efficient we are in meeting our mission,
click here to go to GuideStar.com to see our IRS filings.

To return to this Home Page, click on our logo, Angel Sammy, from any page.

Jan Flagg Fund

Strut Your Mutt

ESRA often receives Springers that have medical and emotional needs that are above the norm. We make every reasonable attempt to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Re-home these dogs, too!

Bailey was a happy, active boy who recently suffered a traumatic accident while playing. Now he is in ESRA's care, and we are resolved to help him heal and thrive again through a course of surgery and rehabilitative treatment. Although the costs of such care will be high, we are committed to bringing Bailey back to full health, and we count on donations from our generous members and friends to assist in his support. To read Bailey's story and find out how you can help, click HERE.

Sweet Sofia, rescued from a Texas shelter, had a variety of medical issues along with signs of apparent neglect and suspected abuse. Such a kind soul, she has made incredible strides and is ready to find a loving Forever Family that will spend time with her. While she gets along with other dogs, she adores her humans and would prefer being the one and only sweetheart in her adopters' lives. Our seniors are revered members of our ESRA family, and we honor every one with our promise to find each the perfect Forever Home. (There's an added incentive to bring Sofia home if you are eligible for the Springers for Seniors program.) This beautiful lady wants to be YOUR girl!

We have a special section called Extreme Makeovers that features some of the beautiful Springers who have blossomed under ESRA's care and who, after overcoming hardships, neglect, and abuse, have gone on to happy Forever Homes. Read about these success stories and see how donations earmarked for "any Springer in ESRA's care" help to bring other lucky dogs to this featured section!

ESRA has recently gone to great lengths to assist three particularly needy Springers. Click HERE to read the stories of ANGEL, SOFIA, and ROSCOE, and find out how you can help!

Did you follow the compelling Special Needs story of Clayton in 2014? His dire "touch-and-go" medical troubles, ongoing for months, captivated the hearts of thousands of ESRA friends worldwide. He has become a celebrated ambassador across the country for ESRA's Springers with Special Needs, along with Charlotte, a Springer rescued by ESRA in her senior years, the inspiration behind Charlotte's Senior Fund. Click their names to read their stories.

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